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posted 21 Mar 2012, 07:16 by Gerry Kangalee
If I wasn’t an atheist I would have said ‘Lord put ah hand’, but since I can rely on my communist ideals to guide me, I must make public my anguish at the situation that impacts on working people.

I must confess, I waited for a few days to see, hear or read some kind of condemnation concerning the utterances of people on the national political landscape, but none appeared.

Case #1. A candidate and a lawyer by profession, in the internal UNC party election states unequivocally, he is and will be loyal to the Prime Minister and political leader of the party – Ms. Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

His stance was given such prominence by the media that it seemed to me this was his benchmark, his self administered litmus test to be voted in as chairman of the party. Okay, so he said as much and is obviously proud of his ‘tonto’ position because he is questioning his adversary’s loyalty to the prime minister based on a recent revelation in parliament. 

But the charade does not end there. His foe, current chairman of the party Mr. Jack Warner, did not challenge him on his ludicrous position nor did the prime minister see the need to publicly distance herself from such charlatans. Therefore, one is led to believe that the culture of neemakharamism is alive and well in the UNC since its birth in 1989. [Editor’s note – neemakharam: ingrate; one who bites that hand that fed him; political turncoat].     

Case #2. But then look at Jack Warner’s stated position which seems to be a life-long mantra of his. On the campaign trail to seek re-election to his position as party chairman the Chaguanas West member of parliament defended his political machinations by saying “… the end justifies the means”. Understood for me is that this statement also applies in his dealings at FIFA level, both at home and abroad and it does not matter whether home boys (Soca Warriors) or English royalty take the bait in taking him at his word.

 Case #3. One could add instances that recently came to light such as Vernella Alleyne-Toppin, Fuad Khan or Minister Vasant Bharath with his Porsche justification. These latest revelations simply add to the list of infractions made by other politicians and governments since colonialism ended. 

Senior citizens would remember Minister Johnny O’Halloran reverently loyal to Dr. Eric Williams  (‘father of the nation’ )going Panama or is it Canada with unaccounted for booty. So, case number three is really making the point that politicians of all stripes, parties and partnerships make their vows to god and country to serve, but not as servants.

What is the point I am trying to make? There is a huge political vacuum in our country. By that I mean none of the political parties have shown the integrity, organizational ability or common touch with the people and mark my words they are incapable of doing so.  

They are incapable because the personnel at the helm of these parties seek political office to feather their nests. Very few, nay, a miniscule number have any track record of over a decade in community work, in people’s organizations helping the society out of pure desire to do so. So where does that leave us? I turn as always to working class organizations to get organized, at least for the sake of future generations.
The dilemma of the situation today is many of those who lead most of the working class organizations have neither the wherewithal in terms of enlisting views; ideas; mechanisms to propel the class forward nor the integrity and ability to manage people or inform and facilitate the involvement of their fellow citizens in this great task of building a civilized society. 

We are in a pickle, in a huge political vacuum and since nature abhors a vacuum we must expect it to be filled. Therefore, the fundamental question is how we fill this vacuum so that our society can progress. Only when we come together in groups to discuss and plan; to put forward theories and put into practice what we learn can the oxygen of our people wipe away the vacuum that is suffocating us.