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posted 13 Jul 2017, 07:06 by Gerry Kangalee
Camille Guerra, reported to be on several charges related to trying to fraudulently cash a $2.5m cheque must feel hard done by. The lady's name is Camille. She is from Arouca which is near to or in the Arima constituency. Her parliamentary representative is Camille as in Robinson-Regis who also went to a bank and was unable, initially, to deposit funds because she could not comply with regulations re: depositing and/or transacting such amounts. She eventually succeeded, sans scrutiny, and to this day is not required to comply with same or explain the source of funds..

Camille G. must be fact checking and feeling she had no right to soon become a pending 'part heard' matter, regardless of what comes out the meeting between the Prime Minister and the Opposition leader - a meeting which no doubt will include deliberations on the fate of Chief Justice "Nah leavin”. Camille G. like Camille R/R are both from the East.

Both are into dodgy finance. I do not know if Camille G. supports the PNM. Is it that Camille G chose a wrong bank? What you could get away with in a State owned bank you cannot in a privately owned - all this nuisance talk about shareholders and regulators. Larry pulled off four times that amount during the People's Partnership administration and walked, literally, walked into promotion.

Is it that she chose to deposit the money in Mayaro and that was her undoing? Camille R/R did not wander so far from base. Maybe that vast sum stood out in the South Eastern financial hub. There are two A.T.M's in Mayaro-Guayaguayare situated about ten miles apart.

Maybe this was a case of a ''thief not liking to see a thief with a bag'. I am not calling anyone a thief. I am just using the analogy from the calypso. Besides I cannot afford Gerald Ramdeen whom many have accused of being himself. But did someone call in the Fraud squad, from the Cathedral where they have been stationed since the tragic loss of life at I AM? Remember that particular church service attended by all the leading officers last year? Was this a case of loud, loud whistle blowing?

No pun intended but I hope this soon blows over, at least before the replacement vessels for the Tobago run get here. A report on a local television station claims that the vessel broke down twice before heading to Trinidad; proof that it is perfectly suited to operate between our two islands; that it also is smaller, older and more expensive than newer more reliable ships and does not have on board accommodation for the crew..Well, what's the Hyatt for?

Our faith in Rohan has paid off, if not for the sailing public, for some agent, lawyer, representative of some kind somewhere. Of whom we shall read in the 2021 sessions of the Parliamentary Joint Select Committee's hearings. Now we know why it took so long to replace the Galicia. The Minister, the Board, the Port Authority had to get it right - P.N.M style.