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posted 31 Dec 2016, 16:44 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 31 Dec 2016, 16:51 ]

Image result for ato boldonI couldn’t let this old year (2016) pass without publicly making a point that my friend Gerry and I commented upon some months ago.

  And it has to do with the recognition by NBC of the undoubted prowess of Ato Boldon as a commentator not just at the Rio Olympic Games but even London 2012 and before.

We recognized a similar proficiency based on articulation, research, fairness and an even-handed projection of what it is in their deliberations, by two other Trinidadians. I am saying therefore without fear of contradiction that two other sons of the soil have to be placed on the podium with Boldon and they are Shaka Hislop in football and Ian Bishop in cricket, both for ESPN.

I am calling on one who is on the same trajectory to collate, enumerate and publicate (my word) on details of the above three careers including their schooling and upbringing whereupon there may be some common denominator that educationists, politicians, et al, can draw lessons from. Over to you Lasana Liburd, Faz Mohammed (or

anybody else so inclined) - thanking you in advance!

What this call accentuates is that the so-called movers and shakers of our resources should see some merit in seeking out such relevant 

information and connecting the dots. These dots could include Trevor McDonald of the BBC and, why not, Vidia Naipaul.

Since talk does bring talk, one can see Derek Walcott in the mix leading all the 

way to Eric Williams. And then questions can flow, such as why no women are mentioned; how come the crucible of gestation is in the capital city or is it; what 

does it say of the vast number of current radio announcers, politicians and other green verb specialists.