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posted 1 Apr 2013, 08:16 by Gerry Kangalee

I begin this piece with hurried apologies to the editor. Please excuse the typos, bad grammar and punctuation. Time is tight and the incumbent Prime Minister lives near to the Penal Power station. She does not need a helicopter, Gucci sneakers or a highway to Point Fortin to reach there in a hurry. 
It is 9.03 as I write this. Check the clock in the published photos. Oh a word to you conspiracy theorists: the P.M.'s stunning outfit, recently recognised by international ''haute couture" fashion houses, stopped the clocks at the Penal Power station. The clocks turned their faces to see the internationally recognised fashion princess, hard hat and all, and stopped. Must have been a sight, huh? 
Now several blogs/web pages/tweets have been making light of the nation's moment/s of darkness, suggesting it was somehow the PM's fault, blighting the light; that when her doctors told her to 'take it...light', that is exactly what she went and did since she could not wait for Divali. 
Here is someone who, indeed, spends a lot of time in the dark. I read all the time in the newspaper that "she is not aware/has no knowledge/has not received any reports/ has not been so advised''. If these 'rogues in the media' are to be believed this lady lives in a fog of her own. She does not need to go to any power station to cause an outage. Hell, she can even e-mail them a few. So we cannot blame this one on her. Unless blackouts are contagious! 
Then the Opposition leader calls for an independent investigation. Well, PNM would know about blackouts. They gave us Jimmy "Rockjaw" Bain in the seventies who blanked images and voices of Raffique Shah, George Weekes and Basdeo Panday from the then solitary Television channel, Trinidad and Tobago Television. PNM would therefore have expert witnesses re blackouts. Was Dr. Rowley offering to help with the investigation? 
No one could doubt their credentials. At one point the late Attorney General Selwyn "Kolo" Richardson blanked cameras from Piarco international airport. Long before Ish and Steve came along. 
Somewhere along the way, one dumb a... journalist asks the President General of the OWTU if the union was somehow culpable. In journalism, such reporters are viewed as "starved for a story.” No wonder the incumbent administration is so often tempted to go at the remnants of the media. Remnants? Well, they took the "best" and left the rest to ask such stupid questions. Maybe they should "make a next rounds" 
But at the end of the day we survived. The crime rate did not spiral during the outage. That happens in broad day light. Maybe we are on to something here if crime drops during darkness...calling “Doctor” Cordner! 
Finally a word to the voting public: do not be surprised if the media, as a block, votes for the Partnership in all upcoming elections. Can you imagine having to report on Dr.Avery Browne or Colm Imbert? Then we would all have to work extra hard for a living. They say when George Dubya Bush left office cartoonists, political satirists, comedians and talk show hosts wept bitterly. Though it looks like that is what the future hold for us the way this team going.