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posted 17 Aug 2018, 10:08 by Gerry Kangalee
Our people on the ground in our society cannot and will not be able to make the leap forward without inspirational and visionary leadership, genuinely working in their interest. It takes much more than wishful thinking for a people to rid themselves of the negatives which over a period of centuries (Slavery/Indentureship), have been implanted in their minds.

At some point in our own development we have all made the mistake of thinking that our thoughts and conscious development are shared by those around us. This alone tells us that we ourselves have a whole lot to learn and the greatest teachers are the 'PEOPLE' themselves.

There is a lot of HARD WUK to be done on the ground to firstly educate then inspire people to take the necessary action to liberate themselves. The key to our advancement is the development of our confidence and self belief as a people to take matters in our own hands and in our own interest.

In my mind we are still stuck in 1956, when our people struggling to overcome the ravages of Colonialism, were enthralled by the brashness, scholarly ability and honeyed rhetoric of one of their own, welcoming him with open arms thereby ushering in the age of the new 'MASSA'.

To this day we continue to witness the emergence of self proclaimed leaders, who from their pedestals see us as nothing but cannon fodder to serve their own personal ambitions of grandeur. It is imperative for us to appreciate that enlightened as we think we are, we are nothing without the people on the ground, fully supporting leadership emerging from their own bosom, who they can trust not just to lead them, but to have them actively enjoin and engage in the struggle for a better day.

The day of the acceptance of political parties formed in boardrooms, offices and the like, which then parachute themselves upon the people, is fast coming to an end. In this regard we must understand that our political thoughts and revolutionary ideas are not 'ours' but belong to the people. Keep up the good work and remember we never stop developing.