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A POLICED STATE by Burton Sankeralli

posted 10 Jan 2013, 05:27 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 10 Jan 2013, 05:31 ]
Burton Sankeralli
The writer is a Caribbean philosopher,
cultural activist, political dissident and vocalist.
I note with bemusement concerns in certain quarters about ours becoming a military state. “Becoming”??? What history did these people study in school really? 

Well I suppose when white people do it to white people it’s called fascism, when white people do it to black people that is called colonialism – or is it the civilizing mission? When black people do it to white people is terrorism. But what do we call it when white people set up black people to do it to black people? Democracy?

So we have been in a policed state down here for some centuries. Now children if you open your history textbooks it’s called slavery and indentureship and colonial rule. And if, like Jagan in Guyana, you actually attempt to implement real independence well then Massa will show you what the military can do.

In our more recent colonial history (I don’t even dignify it with the prefix “neo”) we have Governor Williams unleashing his Flying Squad on troublemakers, misfits and other assorted riff raff. Let us never forget how the Flying Fox Randolph Burroughs murdered our comrades.

Today execution of citizens by the police is by all credible accounts the norm. If you’re young, African and found in the wrong place at the wrong time it could happen to you. Let’s not even mention the Indian working class who we don’t even see.

But now Minister of National Security Jack Palance wants to send in the army. Like he doesn’t believe police policing a policed police state is sufficient. He’s calling for the military.

Here’s an interesting historical note. In pre-emancipation 19th century Trinidad between Christmas and Carnival the state used to declare Martial Law and mobilize the local militia. The good citizens used to have to stop working and play soldier. Of course, the operative words were “stop working”. It was all part of the festivity and bacchanal of the season. Only in Trinidad Martial Law means fete.

 So this is our own Trini style Carnival of guns. And the old Jack has thus picked the perfect season to call out the troops. At the end of the day it’s all bacchanal after all: military mas.

I have to confess though that I am a huge supporter of Minister Palance. After his desecration of Hindu icons some months ago the “laws of science” would indicate that, like former Minister Partap, he would have been taken out of action by now. But I feel that would have been such a waste. The universe has a sense of humour. And purpose.

The point is that Jack is on we side. His wuk is to further mash up the place to prepare the way for what is coming. I tell you the guy is a revolutionary.
Because my comrades it is coming. If destruction of the weak is nature’s plan then rest assured nature also has a remedy. The natural response to our policed state is of course insurrection. This however raises further questions that we have to explore.   

January 9, 2013