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posted 16 Oct 2015, 02:20 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 16 Oct 2015, 05:39 ]

In the “good old days” were you brave enough to go home and say meh teacher beat me? If your butt was on fire from that tambrin whip, you dared not tell the story.

Were you around when Eric Eustace Williams had as his powerful fortress the Chokolingo-dubbed FAB (Fat Ass Brigade)? They coulda shut up anybody who attack the balisier, so the Indian woman with she flat behind was cowered into feeling a big bottom is power. Eric was smart!

At the same time the Indian in those days saw the value of the flaming torch, a light they used to go into the cane fields and cut cane. Rudranath Capildeo pounced on that theme and the DLP had the flaming torch as its emblem.

We were still children of colonialism, so we kept mannerisms, respect for elders, teachers were parents, the village policeman was feared.

While Butler and Rienzi were looking for a better life for modern slaves, most didn’t understand the human identity: who you are and what group or class you belong to.

The OWTU was the breeding ground to awaken class identity, so George Weekes did well. He was not insecure so he invested in an educated young working class. He wanted people to understand their place in the scheme of things: meaning their class identity and to inculcate class awareness.

The OWTU was the real centre of growth union wise. The PNM had its bowels buried in that building. George’s leadership stands out in the proper historical context. Those thereafter used the power of position to rip the class identity apart.

As we grew we became an informed people though the communication tools of the day: the Vanguard newspaper was geared for the working class. It was the vehicle for us understanding who we are.

We saw the ULF, a vehicle of hope, perish. In its wake: the NAR, UNC, COP, UNC/PP. 2010 to 2015 will go down in history as the storm that rip the last thread of nation building.

The funny thing is Kamla was way ahead. She used the body politic of labour to crush labour. She used the second in command of the modern day mafia (FIFA) to control the campaign of 2010.

If a working class youth today says the union is as dangerous as the politicians, can you blame him/her. The OWTU has become a disaster to date; the working class is obsolete...? Greed, deceit, nepotism is the nature of our modern world. What have we done from 1970 to 2015? Well we all became middle class.

When poverty strikes, a new youth will arise. Hunger will breed a new dawn. I will be long gone by then.