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Annisette's Defense

posted 23 Mar 2010, 10:27 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 23 Mar 2010, 10:43 ]
I am in receipt of a letter dated March 5th 2010 from BiGWU and I am also acutely aware of the public pronouncements emanating from BIGWU. I note with concern but with amusement the attempts by BIGWU to play to the gallery of public opinion rather than having the courage to engage the Executive or General Council of NATUC in the market place of ideas or in the war of ideas to resolve any concerns that BIGWU may have had on any matters whatsoever (what wilful blindness). You cannot act or behave like a sixteen year old child when you are required to lead people or accept responsibilities.

The right of dissent and constructive criticism is a right that I will always cherish and not sacrifice on the altar of expedience or popular sentiment. However, let me hasten to add that I will always be guided by a fundamental principle that has always served me in good stead and has proven to be a truism at all times: “Never repeat what you do not know and never do anything that you do not understand yourself.” And “The truth does not take sides and what is will always be what is.”

You see my dear comrades, people will always have their opinion of other people according to their belief system so nothing they think or say about you is really about you but inevitably about themselves.

While the so-called progressives or militant trade unionists or trade unions still live like sleepless walker trapped in their own dysfunctional mindsets that recreate the same bigotry, deceitfulness, callousness and insanity towards their fellow trade unionists and humanity, we in NATUC must not become gullible to gossip or mindless and blind support for any dogma, ideology or belief system because to do so is to make you mechanical and therefore thoughtless and less than a human.

I want to assure NATUC that my commitment to the working class will not blind my responsibility to Trinidad and Tobago and at all times I will strive to ensure that the industrial relations system in Trinidad and Tobago must triumph and celebrate good sense over folly, vision over myopia and the long term development of Trinidad and Tobago over narrow self-interest and short term tinkering.

Once again, as I did at the NATUC retreat in Tobago, I call on NATUC to work towards catapulting Trinidad and Tobago into the 21st century and making it ready for globalization and the new technological age and relevant.

We in NATUC must be part of the changing socio-economic, political and industrial landscape. We must insist that new appropriate and serviceable institutions must be allowed to be made with the full input and effort of NATUC, given the growing landscape already mentioned. To do otherwise, is to fall into the collective dysfunction of the so-called ideologues and militants. We must of necessity play larger and fundamental role in the socio/historical development of Trinidad and Tobago.

Finally, the cornerstone of the temple is not higher than the lowest stone in its foundation. The explanation is not the explained and the description I not the described and if we fail to understand that the foundation of truth must be laid in our daily lives and in how we behave and in what one thinks, the trade union movement will continue along the pathway of self destruction.

To those who hide behind their executiv4, please be advised that being ridiculed and reviled is the price that one has to pay when one becomes aware and enlightened and when one is not prepared to be part of the so-called militants and progressives. Let me assure each and every one that I will not be part of anything that is divisive. I will not be part of any so-called militant or progressive movement

NATUC must keep its focus on representing worker and ensuring that the rights of workers are respected by each and everyone. NATUC must also work towards developing a “people’s sector”. I will always remain the master of my fate and the caption of my soul and no public ridicule, gossip and no amount of bigotry will make me descend into the chronic, paranoid delusions that we witness as representation of workers.