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posted 21 Jul 2011, 21:16 by Gerry Kangalee

Government Preparing For State Of Emergency!

Military sources have told this website that all army personnel have been ordered to report for duty, including those on courses who are transitioning out of the army, an almost unheard of decision. This website has learned that a military exercise dubbed “Brigade”, which was due to be launched on July 16th but has since been postponed, is the rationale being used for the extraordinary call up.

Military sources add that the Minister of National Security, Brigadier John Sandy, is anxious not to embarrass the Prime Minister when she said, as reported in the Express of July 16th 2011: “The Government always has contingency plans and we have looked at what we have in place to ensure the country stays up and running. This of course was in reference to the joint trade union threat to call a general strike if the 5% salary cap is not removed

Sandy himself, as reported in the media, has been having meetings with the Commissioner of Police. They are particularly worried about talk among police officers of a seven day sickout and about joining the joint trade union’s threatened general strike.

In the Express of July 20th 2011, Sandy is reported as saying: Yes I am (pleased with the measures put in place) but I am not going into details but we are (prepared) and that is why we had that meeting this (yesterday) morning. Then the possibility of the (various trade) unions themselves acting up, we thought that we should meet this (yesterday) morning and go over some of the plans that we have spoken about on Friday and we could attempt to ensure that if something happens, we arrest (it).”

The “details” referred to is that the military exercise dubbed “Brigade” which was originally conceived as an exercise to convince the government to upgrade the army to Brigade status has now become the main plank of the government’s “contingency” plan to deal with, in Sandy’s words, the unions “acting up”. The exercise involves posting army personnel to all parts of the country in temporary camps for a five day period in an “attempt to ensure that if something happens, we arrest (it).”

Military sources indicate that the problem with “Brigade” is that they do not know when the general strike will take place. They are playing with two dates to begin their exercise: July 26th and 28th. . The first date is that of the meeting to which the Prime Minister has invited the joint trade union leaders. The second date seems to have been suggested by intelligence sources. The idea, military sources suggest, is that everything must be in place if a state of emergency is to be declared. That is the ultimate contingency!

While the top brass in the army are eager to prove that their performance will strengthen their case for brigade status, many ordinary soldiers are resentful and are displaying a distinct lack of enthusiasm for the whole affair.