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ALL AH WE TIEF by Rae Samuel

posted 29 Mar 2016, 14:19 by Gerry Kangalee
Even as we mourn the loss of the politically late Marlene McDonald, whom another columnist called the elephant in the room at Balisier House (the things some columnists write); even as I thought that the "Wear Black' march was to mourn her political passing (PNM and JTUM real tight you know); even as the Political leader and Prime Minister decided that she was too much weight to carry around politically; I must confess I have a soft spot for the lady.

She did ask me to take her photo when the JTUM was first romancing the PNM stone. That was at the Normandie and there was a Public Relations officer of the PNM who was the life of the Party then but who no longer spins the Farris Wheel at dizzying speeds; I did take the photo and I think she liked it. She was as coy as any 9 year old about how it came out.

She has finally been dismissed from office. The trail of misdeeds could compare with anything that happened under Kamla's watch: Mary King, Jack Warner, Anil Roberts and like the People's Partnership there is/was a zealous Attorney General batting for her. Add Malcolm Jones whose matter is dropped and who reportedly will receive costs. Did someone say "Recession?'' Hush yuh mouth! That is for OAS and steel workers.

Marlene must be 'steupsin' in the Calabar foundation wherever that might be located. She must be angrily asking the Cassava king "Why yuh did not fire me when I was in Opposition so I could have gone to work with the ILP and Jack Warner”; a natural, seamless fit? Now even Louis Lee Sing and Aisha Wells “washin' mout' on me?"

Why did Prime Minister Rowley take so long to dismiss Ms. Mc Donald? I want to suggest it has to do with the inner politics at Balisier House. It seems he did not have the power to do so on his own without risking an inner Party revolt. Here was a Deputy Political leader of long standing and a loyal constituency. Kirk Waithe may have saved the day for him…for now!

PNM is simply UNC with kinky hair. They have a history of corruption behind them. "All ah we t'ief'' was their 1986 campaign slogan, remember. And there is more in the pipeline. Raymond Tim Kee lost his job for shooting off at the mouth. His successor literally shoots from the hip.