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posted 22 May 2014, 15:02 by Gerry Kangalee
As a roving reporter for NWU's media department, I am standing/driving by awaiting a call to attend the final news briefing on the activities for Labour Day, June 19th 2014 which will be held at Balisier House. 

There, the leader of the Joint Trade Union Movement, Comrade Dr. Keith Rowley, fired up and energised from giving back Ms. Beckles-Robinson her 2 cents in the recently completed PNM internal elections, will celebrate another 'election victory'': being chosen/allowed/delegated to lead a workers’ march in this country.

Now one must admire the integrity and firm principles of the JTUM leadership with its newly elected/selected/appointed Chief Education and Research Officer. Wonder if anyone has told Comrade Dr. Rowley, forced to become 'democracy conscious' to save his Party, that within the JTUM leaders are not chosen, but have greatness thrust upon them…so to speak. Shhh! Do not spoil "Comrade Keith's” celebrations.

Oh, I was saying that we must admire the resoluteness and firm principled stance of the JTUM leadership in having Comrade Rowley lead the Labour Day Demo in Fyzabad, after all ex-Comrade Kamla had been given that honour in 2010.

Seeing that the genesis of this event was not in Balisier House where the Party conceived such anti-worker legislation as the Industrial Relations Act, the Summary Offences Act, the still-born Public Order Act, locked up labour leaders without charge, introduced contract labour into the public service, farmed out the oilfields, one has to very careful about the Labour Day platform.

This writer remembers attending meetings of the JTUM where the Workers Agenda was raised, but as the leadership meandered away from the vision of re-building an authentic workers movement and sought to build 'good governance' in the ‘House of David' that document, valid as it is, went the way of Party manifestos.

To be honest I am hearing mention of it in the run up to Labour Day. Apparently, on the way to Balisier House, somebody saw it lying on the floor. Some thought that they detected signs of life in it but they thought it best to leave it there. After all, 'Mr Speaker sah!’ we are on our way to Comrade Dr. Rowley's office.

That is like asking Dr. Andropov down at the Forensic Centre to sign up for Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation/C.P.R courses. Sorry, Andy does not do “bring back to life''. And do not expect any different from Comrade Dr. Keith or Head Nurse Jenny, who according to sources close to the Labour Movement came out of its bowels. Which intestine? No longer sure!

One suspects that there will also be a tacit agreement not to mention on the platform that the very PNM that the 'labour leaders' are embracing was unceremoniously kicked out of office 4 years ago by the same workers because of naked corruption, but one senses that protocols have been adhered to that will demand we not speak of the Karamaths and the Calder Harts and the Prophetess of the former "Project Manger''. We will simply watch and listen to the "Faris Wheel” spin yarns about their having learnt their lesson in 2010 and having come away with positives (sounds like modern cricket captains) from their last electoral defeat.

Me? I know this will come as a surprise to many of you but from now my eyes will be on Senator Lambie, since I am sure he will be handing out 'pre-action protocol letters’ on his, Rudy's and Errol's behalf? After all, we did condemn them for sleeping with the enemy? But didn’t King David do the same or does he get a bligh?

Anyway, Ah could go and sleep now, Mr Editor, or should I wake up?