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posted 31 Jan 2017, 07:00 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 31 Jan 2017, 08:05 ]
Africans in America often respond to capitalist political crisis as if it is our own crisis. This time it is different. This time the capitalist crisis comes from our rejection of their politics. Simply put, we turned our back on Hillary Clinton and all hell broke loose.

Our unexpected absence from the polls was not political apathy. It was a manifestation of our maturing political instincts. Without a plan we withheld our vote, stopped being political chumps and broke our slavish allegiance to the Democratic Party (DP). Our rejection of Hillary Clinton marked a significant turn in the political direction of Africans in America. A new day has dawned.

Millions in shock flock to the streets. Self proclaimed liberal progressives look for ways to leave and places to go. Negro leaders shudder as the hysteria reaches epic proportions. Afro-American middle class millennials are left confused, with nowhere to turn. The Democratic and Republican political machines are scrambling to understand the new dispensation. The enemy stands on the precipice of political and economic crisis and their agents among us are isolated and afraid.

Our electoral rejection of the DP is also a break with the Negro leaders and their 60 year old promise of integration, inclusion and equality. They lost touch with the sentiments of the people and thought they could transfer our support for Obama to Hillary. Depending on our rubber stamp endorsement, they realized too late that our support of Obama was their last chance to get it right. When Obama left office without addressing our concerns we left the DP's burning house without saying goodbye.

We retreated to forgotten street corners to burn blood stained ballots leaving Hillary to face Trump without our support. She did not understand what everybody else knew, “African People are the DP's margin of victory in US presidential elections.” She was too busy making fun of Dumb Donald to see us streaming out her party's backdoor.

The Republicans also failed to notice the discontent in their ranks. When the Republican base abandoned their traditional leaders the scene was set for an outsider to slip into the empty oval office. The New Year dawned on the ruins of America's two major parties. Frightened settlers and their racist kin ascended to power as Donald Trump assumed office as the 45th President of the United States. By not voting for the DP we created a crisis for everybody else. For us the crisis was not new. Withholding the vote was just our latest response to 500 years of racist, capitalist oppression and betrayal.

Africans in America and everywhere else on the planet, have seen nothing but continuing poverty, military assault and marginalization under the stewardship of Obama and his Democratic Party administration. In the developed countries our populations remained cramped in urban colonies plagued by massive poverty, police repression, poor housing, insufficient political representation, crime, drug addiction, internecine violence, racism, disproportionate incarcerations and family/community disintegration.

Image result for africomTo these we added frustration, hopelessness, marginalization and chronic dependency on hostile predatory state, private, cultural and political institutions. Internationally we saw the expansion of Africom, the establishment of US bases across the continent, drone bombings in Somalia, Pakistan and Iraq, invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, setting up proxy wars, the rise of Boko Haram, sanctions on countries that did not comply with the US empire and the dropping of 26, 000 bombs in the year of elections.

The rejection of Hillary was in fact a rejection of the American Dream. By staying home we acknowledged our American nightmare and issued a spontaneous declaration of African independence. We are now faced with assuming responsibility for our act of passive resistance. The instinctive, unplanned withdrawal of support for the DP must be transformed into conscious social/political organization.

We must answer the contemporary restatement of the call for Black Power issued some 50 years ago We have objectively, yet unconsciously, issued a new call for independent organization and political education of our masses. We have no choice but to respond to this historically determined necessity, buoyed by the mass realization that there is no possibility of negotiating or legislating our redemption. We go forward, knowing we have tried everything else and that all other options have been exhausted.

This collective realization gives rise to the new political position of Africans in America. We occupy a political space that is both complex and dangerous. It is complex because we must address every aspect of our lives. It is dangerous because it aims at securing our interest while living within the world’s most powerful nation. For Africans, trapped for centuries on foreign soil occupying such a place is also dangerously complex because our successfully pursuing our liberty requires the ending of their power. Our victory implies their defeat.

For most, the defeat of capitalism and white supremacy is unimaginable. We must imagine it because the condition for our success is their demise. We either achieve a world without the racist capitalist settler state or accept eternal servitude. This is the fundamental 
Image result for down with democratic party republican partylogic of the independent analysis arising from rejection of the Democratic and Republican Parties by the Africans in the USA. Complexity and danger are unavoidable consequences of any plan to achieve a better life for Africans in America and around the world.

Our analysis of the prevailing political landscape points out the need to engage all Africans in the examination of our political, social and economic reality. The first evident requirement is the development of a political education process that is permanent, broad based and comprehensive. We must examine every aspect of our lives. We must subject all issues and problems to detailed scrutiny and we must develop constructive, practical solutions to them all. Mass political education and organization is the only way to do any of this.

Everybody knows we have a host of problems to solve and issues to address. We approach these problems without effective organization and responsive leadership in place. We are forced to be self reliant, self respecting, self critical, self determined and unified. Such unity can only be realized by organization.

This means that all Africans in the United States need to join an organization that is working for our people. It means that those who cannot find such an organization have to start one. It means that all of these organizations, large and small, old and new, must equip themselves with the means to educate themselves and the people around them. It also means that our organizations must stand together, work together, support one another and become a united front in service to our people and their interest. In short the masses of our people have to assume responsibility for organizing and politically educating ourselves by every means necessary.

The way forward is to build unity of purpose and establish an unbreakable connection to Africans everywhere. We must organize ourselves on the basis of our African identity; as one African People with one African interest, using African resources to establish an independent mass African international political power base. We do not only draw these conclusions from our particular situation in this time and place but also from millenniums of resisting generations who have attempted every other approach.

We need not, at this stage, aim at the defeat of US armies, the destruction of their institutions or the seizure of their wealth. We are not yet organized to do any of these things, but we can no longer settle for the illusion of power absent control of ourselves, our economics or our communities. We aim at the systematic conquest of our collective will. Our battlefield is the hearts and minds of our collected mass. We fight first, to conquer ourselves. In this struggle we face immense logistical difficulties. Our resources are few and the path before us is long and difficult. The first task is to assemble our millions into an independent, mass, African organization to educate our minds and direct our bodies.

We also have to prepare for the difficult task of defeating capitalism, imperialism and their system of white supremacy. This can only be achieved by uniting with Africans everywhere and working in conjunction with the exploited and oppressed people of the world.

We cannot fight capitalism and imperialism arrogantly believing we are capable of doing what others have failed to do. Nor can we pursue such a goal seeking glory, wealth or power over others. We only organize to fight the world's reigning empire because we must. We do it because we are determined to be free. For freedom's sake we must look for their weakness and define our collective strengths. We stare into the eyes of the beast and scope the soul of evil to uncover the hidden passage to our future.

The unfolding of history has made it clear that we will not end our oppression and exploitation by being integrated into the American dream. It is also clear that we cannot be content to remain the permanent underclass in this racist, sexist, capitalist country. We have to develop a conscious collective political power base. We have to educate and organize ourselves to bring an end to this 500 year old nightmare. We have to unite among ourselves and with the Africans of the world to conquer a future of our own making. 

We have to join with the oppressed and exploited peoples of the world to rid the planet of capitalism and imperialism. We have to take our proper place in the struggle to redeem humanity or perish. These are the implications of the USA 2016 presidential elections. With all of this there is only one way forward, Organize, Organize, Organize! 
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To answer THE CALL set up a semi-autonomous Pan-African unit. Our guidelines (a small booklet) is available free of charge, to all who wish to participate in the process. All that is required is to request a copy and organize a group of 7 to 13 people willing to work through it as a collective.. Your Circle (group) is then responsible for politically educating yourselves and the people around you. In this way Africans can proceed to organize ourselves, everywhere, at the same time.

Send your Email to thecall@yahoo.com stating your name, country, city/village and request a copy of our political education & organization guidelines. Upon request we will forward the material and answer any questions you may have and offer any assistance we can to help organize a circle in your area.

For more information go to: Facebook: THE CALL@CirclesofAfricanLightandLife.

Email: thecall@yahoo.com