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posted 29 Jul 2012, 20:09 by Gerry Kangalee


A fool's brain, digests philosophy into folly, science into superstition, and art into pedantry. Hence University education.
George Bernard Shaw

I fear for Comrade Lambert. In this Olympic year I sense a major upset in the political medal ceremonies. Just about two months ago Comrade Senator was deemed a "complete and irrevocable fool" by his then ex-comrade, Minister of Labour, Errol McLeod. I imagine since they have re-married politically he is no longer the Minister's ex.

There is benefit sure in being an "irrevocable fool" which only the “irrevocable fool" knows. However it looks like this 'irrevocable fool" and his crown might soon be parted. Oh he may retain his Senate seat, since there is no M.S.J/O.W.T.U. coalition to keep threatening him with soft deadlines but there may be now a bigger "irrevocable fool" in town. And female as well!

No, the new champion did not come from the old guard of the Labour movement leadership.  She in fact came from U.W.I. She is our new, soon to be ex-ambassador to Brussels, Ms. Therese Baptiste Cornelis. In a keynote address she let it all hang out. At a conference on "multi-culturalism", she spoke on culturally relevant subjects as why her mother ties her head when she is ill; how fertile her sister is; that she always votes out governments (jeez, I gotta take a break. I am typing this and almost falling out of my chair).

 She made Senator Lambert sound like a C.L.R. James and Kwame Ture rolled into one and she did it with a straight face.  At least she clarified why she was removed as Minister of Health. The doctors must have panicked after meeting her and decided that St. Ann's was too close.

 Oh Madame Ambassador: whatever you do when you are in Trinidad, do not pass through St. James. Verna St. Rose is at the Gayelle TV station and I am sure she has read your speech. She will have you screaming "diplomatic immunity" all the way past Queen's Hall", all to no avail. And you will have serious problems clearing yourself. Just re-read your speech.

 So we imagine that you will be hearing from Minister McLeod as soon as the Olympics are over. We do not want your inauguration lost in the shuffle. I hope Senator the Honourable Lambert does not try to win back the crown though. It would be a no contest. This woman is boss!

 Two things in closing: you did say you met Mr. Cornelis on All Fools Day? How many fools did he meet that day? One? More than one? Two, where were the breathalysers when you made this speech?
Rae Samuel