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posted 26 Jul 2019, 10:12 by Gerry Kangalee
The meteorological office warned us of a long dry season and widespread water shortage. This, at a time when the government led by Dr. Keith Rowley is running a tight fiscal system which, resulted in the reduction of funds to Statutory Bodies, Public Utilities, State Enterprises and Regional Corporations.

The situation was compounded further by the fall in the price of oil, the stagnation and or the absence of heightened economic activity in the Construction sector, except for the start of construction of the Highway to Manzanilla.

In addition there is high liquidity in the Banking system, due to the fact that the Private sector is not contemplating any major investments in order to expand the economic base. In other words, the Private sector is not interested in contributing to any effort to diversify the economy. They are all dependent on the money earned from oil and gas taxes.

The situation is compounded further by the misguided decision of the government which allowed the Private sector, led by Mr. Wilfred Espinet, to pressure it into closing down Petrotrin. As a result the energy sector will once again be completely controlled by the multinational corporations, who already controlled the revenue we earn from gas and oil. This blunder which resulted in the termination of thousands of workers, as well as Contractors, small businesses and has led to the increased polarisation of the population has awakened in certain elements, dark ideas.

There is a widely held view that both the PNM and the UNC are corrupt and that there is no third force popular enough, or with deep roots in the population, to allow it to present the strongest challenge to the two dominant parties. As a consequence, there is potential for the coming together of elements that are of the view that the political party which is currently in government is not moving fast enough to implement the neo liberal policies, which it has committed itself to implement.

There is the very real possibility for such an eventuality. We must not forget 1970. That was an instance which occurred as a result of the working people taking a stand in defence of and in advancing their class interest. But the elements that I am talking about are not of that ilk. They are soldiers of fortune who will collaborate with elements of the business class and some elements of a political party and will put a promising politician in office or the neo-colonial political itself may be put to rest. If you think that is far-fetched just remember 1990.

What I am talking about is the geopolitical machinations which could place our country in the precarious position of becoming a spring board for the USA which is contemplating removing the Maduro government in Venezuela by force of arms. This is not a farfetched idea. Information from certain quarters has revealed that discussions along those lines have been happening. Make no mistake the international masters of mischief are hard at work in TT.

We have arrived at this point because the trade union movement has been hijacked by a leadership which sold out to the political elite and the local and foreign business class. As a consequence, the working class is now exposed to the danger of being imprisoned by the hidden hand of imperialism taking control of the political process, through the use of its assets in the political parties, the public service, the judiciary, the military, the churches, the police service and in the trade union movement.

The task therefore, is to create the awareness of this possibility. We can do this by beginning to mobilise the forces among us, who will stand against a dictatorship spawned by the imperialist powers. We have to mobilise in spite of the opportunistic leadership which currently exists in the trade union movement.

We have to also call on all other progressive forces to recognise that there is an absence of progressive leadership that is actively involved in the business of giving direction and focus to the broad masses of working people, small farmers and small businesses. In order to avert the above potential danger, we must act now to avert the consequences of the danger of a dark third political force.