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posted 4 Jul 2012, 12:06 by Gerry Kangalee
Oh boy! So many colleagues and comrades, not the same, have been expressing shock and awe at the 'upset results' in the 100m and 200 metre men’s race in the Jamaican Olympic trials. Now who is upset, Yohann Blake? No? Then what makes it an upset result? 

I have been asking coaches and fans what happened to Bolt and I am being told."He got a bad start. He did not see Blake. He was in a recent car accident.' Whew..! What happened is that Blake got to the finish line ahead of Bolt. Twice in one weekend. He has shattered the myth of invincibility built up around Bolt. It is all the more dramatic because none of the races were close. Bolt was gritting his teeth in the 100m coming off the turn in the 200m. Blake was motoring along nicely and just pulled away. 
Bolt was having trouble with his start. Yeah? Somehow nobody was saying that in the heats. Had he won we would not have heard a word about it. His finish, what was the problem? Oh that is easy. Blake finished before him…twice. He really has to work on his finishes. 

So where does that leave our local hopefuls in the sprints? Same place as they were at this stage of their preparation. Who says the race will be as fast? Who knows who will make it to the finals? If Blake and Bolt take up residence in their heads then it’s all over before they fly out. The Jamaican Olympic trials are over and will not be re-run. 

So who will win in London? I have been expressing serious admiration for months now for folks who have been holding medal presentations since March. I always tell them when the world's eight best sprinters line up over 100m, anything can happen among the top three or four. Remember as well that they would have run 3 heats en route to the final and the event is decided in less than 10 seconds. Nor will I ever predict a marathon 26miles/2hours from the start either. 
Although God help track and field if Dwayne Chambers U.K and Justin Gatlin U.S.A. medal, with their well established credentials as banned from the sport for failing drug tests. No one will ever believe that they won fairly 

In London, seven of the finalists will be facing immortality as the one who dethrones history's greatest sprinter, although Blake has already stolen some of that thunder, a large slice really. Bolt, on the other hand, will need to show like Ali, Ronaldo of Brazil, and Hasely, that defeat makes them rise higher. 
Thanks to a Blake from the blue, the admission ticket to the 100 metre men’s final in London has gone up, way past Larry’s handshake? Not so high? Okay. Gita's cheque? ...You name a price.