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posted 7 Nov 2014, 17:57 by Gerry Kangalee

This is a call to the Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions to discontinue proceedings against Aaron. Who is Aaron and why not the DPP himself? Media reports which recently put a local citizen on the front line in Syria, although he never left the country, also suggest that the DPP himself may be 'medically unfit' since the matter of 'cocaine in the belly’ came to light. 

And who is Aaron? Aaron H. whose name we cannot call especially since his appearance on the front page of a daily newspaper, belted and cuffed like the "Soledad Brothers'', is charged with 'paranging the wrong house'' and his crime warrants a bail of $4 million. Now if he were a police officer involved in a fatal hit and run on the Priority Bus route or robbing a casino Aaron would not be so harshly treated but I guess he does not have a 'batch'.

Folks: Aaron anonymous is accused of stealing over $10.8m from his employers, the PriceSmart shoppers club between 2006 and 2014. My point is that Aaron’s only error was to steal from private enterprise and not the State, hence my suggestion that he 'parang the wrong house'

Why should we send such a talented gifted man to Golden Grove where, again to media reports, he may well be beaten by 'correctional officers'?

Aaron outlasted all from Calder Hart to Landate to Life Sport. Should this man not be hosting his own Bourse Report first thing on morning on Television? Or sitting on the Board of First Citizens Bank writing his own cheques like Clico Geeta of $US5 million in the drawer fame? Aaron H, full identity withheld, would have made an excellent Minister of Sport.

The guy is good! He outlasted Reshmi, Quite Contrary Mary, Fire Truck Warner, the aforementioned Calder Hart, Credit Union King Harry, the Karamaths, the 'sick leave' administrator working out of the Acting Police Commissioner's office… just to name a few…

The suggestion is that we are just about 6 months shy of general 'run off' elections and we will have a new administration regardless of who 'runs-off' with the election months after the polls close. Skills like these will be needed to further inflate the cost of the Point Fortin San Fernando highway, the under construction Children's hospital, the UTT complex in Debe and to pay consultants for the non-existent Point Fortin and Arima hospitals

Remember Aaron has 'worked' under both PNM and UNC administrations. Remove him from prison and put him in his rightful place in Balisier House on the Farris wheel or Rienzi Complex to be garlanded by Khadijah. Let him manage the 'ghost gangs' that are a fixture of the scene regardless of who wins. We repeat...paranging the wrong house is not a crime…or is it?