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posted 13 Sept 2012, 18:01 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 13 Sept 2012, 18:04 ]




The attempt by the venal, capitalist politicians who govern this country to manipulate the law to benefit their friends and financiers, while scandalous, does not surprise those who understand what class interests these bourgeois politicians serve. 

The National Workers Union understands clearly that those who pay the piper call the tune. We also understand that the law, generally, serves the interests of the ruling class and that the ideal of equality before the law is a long way off from being a reality. 

Those who have deep pockets can hire the best lawyers and drag matters out for years and, in fact, in the matters of Galbaransingh and others this is precisely what has taken place. 

The move to get rid of preliminary enquiries would certainly have affected the ability of wealthy individuals to drag out matters and it is clear that section 34 of the Administration of Justice (Indictable Proceedings) Act was designed to provide an escape route for particular individuals who were before the courts on a variety of matters related to racketeering, fraud etc. This is clearly the reason why that section was proclaimed into law before the rest of the Act – a most peculiar situation. 

The National Workers Union would like to point out that when the law was first debated in parliament the list of exceptions of offences that would trigger the termination of cases did not include offences like money laundering, fraud and other related “white collar” crimes. Shouldn’t the Opposition have insisted that these offences be included but don’t they too have cocoa in the sun? 

The neo-colonial nature of our society and the fragility of the judiciary stands exposed by the widespread public acceptance that Trinidadians accused of ripping off the national treasury on projects based in Trinidad would quicker get their just desserts in the USA, through extradition, than in the courts here. 

It stands further exposed by the leader of the Opposition, like a little boy who wants to suck up to those who bully him, seeking to involve foreign governments and other entities in matters which we, in T&T, have a duty to clear up ourselves. Imagine we are supposed to be celebrating fifty years of independence! 

The reason that the government backtracked and moved hastily to repeal the offending section is because the United States government expressed its disapproval about the entire affair and has nothing to do with parliament correcting an oversight as the Attorney General would have us believe. 

The National Workers Union believes that what this latest scandal has done is to expose for all who have eyes to see that the old system of economy and governance is in a state of collapse. 
The National Workers Union holds that the working class has no business aligning itself with these hustlers and confidence tricksters posing as politicians. They can do nothing for us except to exploit, oppress and pauperise us. 

Working people must develop our own strategy, based on our strength at the workplace and in the community to force these capitalist politicians to pay heed to our demands. It makes no sense calling on COP to take a clear position. It is not in their interest to do so. It is like calling on McLeod to pursue the workers agenda. It simply will not happen. 

 As working people we must pursue our own agenda. We must depend on ourselves and forge our own path forward and seek our own interests. The capitalists, employers and political hustlers who control the government have no qualms about seeking their interests. It is time working people throw off their illusions about the capitalist system and realise that nobody will emancipate us but ourselves.

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Gerry Kangalee (National Education and Research Officer – Cell: 785-7637)
Gerry Kangalee,
13 Sept 2012, 18:01