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posted 21 Aug 2012, 00:27 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 21 Aug 2012, 00:29 ]
On August 7th 2012 the Joint Trade Union Movement sent the following letter to Minister of Finance Larry Howai:
"The Joint Trade Union Movement (JTUM) rejects any notion of any form of privatisation. The JTUM views divestment as a form of privatization. Furthermore, the JT UM disagrees with the Government policy and stated intention to divest twelve (I2) State Enterprises. 

This initial divestment plan has the potential to reduce further the local influence within the economy, and increasing its vulnerability even more. We insist that the government should maintain its stake on behalf of the people of Trinidad and Tobago within the critically important sectors. 
Reducing our dominant ownership role in these key areas would not only see the local economy become increasingly vulnerable, but also result in reduced amounts of revenues earned from these sectors being channelled to the National Treasury. Less revenue would therefore be guaranteed to remain within Trinidad and Tobago for our nation’s development. 

Such moves are consistent with the ideological position of the dominant elements in the government in whose view the government does not have a role to play in the business sector and therefore should not be involved in commercial enterprises.
This cannot be the best approach for our nation because it is critically important for government to maintain its position within certain critical industries, and therefore maintain a stronghold with respect to steering the national economy in the right direction, rather than the national economic direction being determined by external factors and parties. 

In addition, privatisation is not only about selling state enterprises, it is also selling their workers and their families alongside. The Joint Trade Union Movement believes that citizens of Trinidad and Tobago should be provided with decent sustainable employment.
We therefore condemn the contracting out or out sourcing of any jobs. Job Security is an important factor in the development of any society. 

The Joint Trade Union Movement does not subscribe to the idea of trade unions acting as labour brokers. We also believe that no company, where there is a Recognised Majority Union, should engage in any form of restructuring exercise without consultation with the Recognised Majority Union. Therefore the issue of Socially Sensitive Enterprise Restructuring should not arise."
The letter was signed by representatives of thirteen unions.
Gerry Kangalee,
21 Aug 2012, 00:27
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Gerry Kangalee,
21 Aug 2012, 00:27