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posted 16 Apr 2013, 22:18 by Gerry Kangalee
In a media release issued on April 15th 2013, Peter Wilson, General Secretary of the Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Association (TTUTA) called on teachers to make Friday 19th April RED DAY. The release stated: 
1.) TTUTA calls on the Ministry of Education (MOE), the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) and the Chief Personnel Officer (CPO) to stop the undue delay and ensure that all measures are put in place for the prompt upgrading of UTT Graduates (2010) from Assistant Teacher positions.

2.) Some two and a half (2½) years after graduation, the MOE has failed to upgrade these teachers to Teacher I status and pay them the accompanying higher salaries. 

3.) The General Council, at its Statutory Meeting of April 12, 2013 decided to call on all teachers to wear TTUTA’s colour or RED on FRIDAY APRIL 19, 2013 in solidarity with UTT Graduates.

4.) TTUTA has demanded that all the UTT Graduates (2010) in the Primary, Special Education and ECCE Specializations be upgraded to TI status and that all those in the Secondary Specialization be also upgraded to TI status pending the completion of assessments, interviews, placement on the Order of Merit List and appointments in the secondary school.

5.) The CPO determined in August 2012 that the B. Ed Primary Specialization met the minimum qualification requirement for TI (Primary) and so enabled the TSC to upgrade these teachers. Some letters of appointment were prepared and some such teachers actually received their upgrading to TI (Primary) status. However, the other Specializations were omitted.

6.) The Office of the Director of Personnel Administration for the Service Commissions Department, at first, indicated that the process for the other Specializations would be completed by mid-March 2013 but then suggested the end of March 2013, which has come and gone.

7.) After a picket demonstration on March 20, 2013 by UTT Graduates and members of the General Council outside its Head Office, the MOE indicated that final submissions had already been made to the CPO on the Secondary Specialization and promised to complete the submissions on the Special Education and ECCE Specializations by March 22.

8.) In the interim, the TSC has apparently slowed down or frozen all appointments relating to UTT Graduates (2010) even those with the Primary Specialization and those with the Secondary Specialization who have completed the process for upgrade to T III status. 
9.) The CPO has disclosed that she is studying the MOE’s submissions and will make a recommendation on whether these Specializations meet the minimum qualification requirement for TI and so facilitate the upgrading of these teachers by the TSC. 

10.) The MOE, TSC and CPO cannot continue to dilly-dally after two and a half (2½) years.

11.) Additional mass action will be taken as deemed necessary. 
12.) Failure to upgrade the UTT Graduates is a grave injustice, which undermines the economic survival, livelihood and morale of these teachers and subverts the quality of education for the children of the nation in all the schools. 
13.) Stand in solidarity with the UTT Graduate teachers! Wear TTUTA Colour or RED on FRIDAY APRIL 19, 2013.