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posted 20 Dec 2012, 19:29 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 21 Dec 2012, 05:03 ]
The Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Association (TTUTA) has published a document, dated December 19th 2012, signed by General Secretary, Peter Wilson, showing salaries for the final year of the three year agreement for the period October 2008 to September 2011. Agreement was reached at a meeting held on Tuesday 18th December 2012 with the Chief Personnel Officer.

The document also deals with COLA and commuted travelling allowances for principals and vice principals and which has now been extended to senior primary school teachers.

New salaries are expected to be paid by March 2013 and arrears by May or June 2013. Negotiations for the period 2011 to 2014 are scheduled to get underway at the end of January 2013.

Negotiations began in March 2010 (fifteen months after the beginning of the contract period) and teachers had to resort to embarking on days of “rest and reflection” and huge demonstrations to push the negotiations forward in the face of intransigence by the Chief Personnel Officer which resulted in the negotiations taking way much longer than they should.
(See TTUTA document here).
Gerry Kangalee,
21 Dec 2012, 05:00