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posted 14 Jul 2014, 14:39 by Gerry Kangalee
The following statement was issued by Joseph Remy, General Secretary of the Communication Workers
Union (CWU) on July 11th 2014

The Communication Workers' Union would like to bring to the public's attention, the reasons for the action taken by workers who occupy the Caroline Building, Scarborough, Tobago, relative to their refusal to work in circumstances where their health and safety is in danger. 
As can be gleaned from the attached pictures, this building is now undergoing some heavy construction activities due to renovation work being undertaken by the owner. The owner has also indicated
that the lease for TSTT's occupation expired since March 2013 and they continued to occupy the building on a month to month arrangement. 

Despite all of this, TSTT never once consulted with the workers or the CWU as the
Recognized Majority Union for Senior and Junior Staff Bargaining Unit Employees. They sanctioned this construction work without the knowledge of the Workers or their Union and introduced unsafe conditions into the work place. 

Workers took the decision to exercise their rights to refuse to work under these
conditions and as such on Thursday July 10, 2014, they officially submitted Refusal to Work Reports to their Supervisors and the Company in accordance
with Section 15 of the OSH Act and thereafter ceased to occupy that Building. 

The Union, on behalf of the workers so affected, apologizes to the Public for this inconvenience but we believe that the Workers actions are justified and would also protect the lives of members of the Public who ventured to enter this Building to engage in business transactions.