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posted 30 Apr 2015, 14:26 by Gerry Kangalee


The National Health Workers Union (NHWU) calls on the Prime Minister to immediately remove Health Minister Dr. Fuad Khan from his position or risk a massive revolt by health care workers throughout the country.

Under the watch of Minister of Health Dr. Fuad Khan, the health system has reached a new low. When the person who is charged with the responsibility for ensuring that citizens have a reliable and affordable public health system blames the people he leads for his inability to do so, then he is an abject failure as a manager/leader and must be relieved of his responsibility. In other words, the Prime minister must fire him! 

Dr. Khan announced thirteen new regulations at health institutions which are to take effect from May 1st (two days after his grand announcement). He boasted: “I have to formulate a system and a plan if the system is not working which was there for 20 or 30 years. I have to find something in the interim to fix patients’ safety.”

This is precisely where the problem lies! Government Ministers believe that because they sit in cabinet, they suddenly become the fount of all wisdom! Instead of consulting with those who are in the kitchen and feeling the heat, he rolls out grand plans that he has plucked from the air and attempts to impose them upon those who have to implement them with no care for the horrendous consequences that will flow from the foolishness which he has instructed.

With whom did Dr. Khan consult to come up with his new rules? Certainly not with the health care workers! This is not surprising. This has always been the style of those who are charged with managing the health care system.

Therefore from Friday May 1st, relatives of patients are expected to descend upon the health care facilities with camera phone in hand. There are no facilities for those who have to stay twenty four hours a day to sleep, change, use the bathroom etc. Nothing along those lines has been worked out. There are hardly adequate facilities for patients themselves as it is, but Dr. Khan sits in his ivory tower and unleashes a wave of disorder on to the health system under the guise of fixing the problems.

The change in visiting hours is not well thought out because it did not arise from a proper analysis of its consequences. Visitors will be all over the hospitals in the morning when shifts are being handed over which involves information being transmitted to workers taking over as to the situation of patients during the night, the handover of notes etc.

Patients, visitors and health care personnel will be getting in each others’ way; the new morning visiting hours is precisely the time when doctors are making their rounds; misunderstandings and conflicts are going to arise and chaos and disorder could well be the result, especially if due to the Minister’s statement, visitors believe they have the right to follow health care personnel around filming their every move.

Is Dr. Khan also going to authorise health care personnel to capture footage of the treatment meted out to them by frustrated members of the public or footage of the shady dealings taking place at senior management level on an everyday basis when it comes to dealing with equipment and violation of procedures in the hospitals.

Dr. Khan is obviously out of his depth as a Minister of government and should be put out of his misery and removed forthwith as the Minister of Health.

If he remains in the portfolio, do not be surprised if unrest and resistance erupts throughout the public health care sector with consequences which can only be described as catastrophic. To be forewarned is to be forearmed! Get rid of Fuad Khan now!


Sylvan Wilson, Executive Officer National Workers Union 758 8933