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posted 2 Oct 2012, 02:24 by Gerry Kangalee

Round table meeting
28 September, 2012
Hotel Normandie


Declaration of cooperation of civil society in the interest of good governance in the republic of Trinidad and Tobago

We the undersigned 20 entities set out below have today Friday September 28th 2012 met at the Normandie Hotel, in Port of Spain to discuss a united broad based national front to protect the people and constitution of Trinidad and Tobago and have in this regard considered:

1. The constitutional responsibilities of the Attorney General with respect to the administration of legal affairs for, against and in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

2. The specific participation and undertakings of the Attorney General to the parliament of Trinidad and Tobago relative to The Administration of Justice (Indictable Proceedings) Act No. 20 of 2011

3. The national alarm and shock caused by the surreptitious proclamation of certain sections of Act No. 20 of 2011 and in particular Sec. 34 of that Act.

4. The attorney general's knowledge of, participation in and decision in relation to certain extradition proceedings

5. The lack of proper and or satisfactory explanation by the prime minister relative to the surreptitious proclamation of Sec. 34 of Act No. 20 of 2011

6. The prime minister's attempt to exonerate the attorney general from responsibility in the surreptitious proclamation of Sec. 34 of Act. No. 20 of 2011.

7. The minister of national security's attacks on his Excellency the President of the Republic, Dean Samson of the Anglican Church and Ms. Javeed a member of the media, which stand as a fundamental disrespect to the head of state and the clergy and an attack on constitutionally enshrined rights of the freedom of expression and freedom of the press.

In these circumstances we hereby collectively call for:

1. A proper explanation for the surreptitious proclamation of Sec. 34 of Act. No. 20 of 2011.

2. The immediate removal of the Attorney General and the Minister of National Security.

We are committed to further action to ensure that these demands are met.

We also hereby express our collective commitment to fundamental change in the system of governance in general and We commit to continue discussions particularly on constitutional reform.

We also commit to continue our cooperation and collaboration on these matters and in the interest of good governance and the pursuit of ethical standards in Trinidad and Tobago.

List of Organizations:

Country First
Democratic National Assembly
FITUN (Trinidad Youth Council, Sou Sou lands)
Jericho Project

Joint Trade Union Movement (Association of Maxi Taxi, Amalgamated Workers Union, Banking Insurance and General Workers Union, Communications Workers Union, Estate Police Association, Oilfields Workers Trade Union, Public Service Association, Trinidad and Tobago Postal Workers Union, Transport & Industrial Workers Union,

Trinidad Unified Farmers Association, Seamen & Water front Trade Union)
Movement for Social Justice
People's National Movement