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posted 14 Nov 2012, 18:49 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 14 Nov 2012, 19:28 ]
The Rights Action Group wishes to affirm its deep ties of solidarity with the Cuban people in this their struggle to liberate their heroes whose only crime is defending their homeland.

In this regard we join with all right thinking and justice loving people from all around the world. Here is indeed a moment that crystallizes the struggle that we are all facing.

It is very disturbing that still even while its power is waning, the present imperialism is clinging to its longstanding gangster tactics. But even there we see new winds are blowing. Even there the people are rising up and seeking to "occupy" the forces of enslavement oppression exploitation.

Indeed let it be clear that the world is changing. Some may want to say that we are entering a period of imperialist interregnum . But we prefer to see it as an opening of new possibility. That another world is indeed possible. And we must sing this song for all to hear.

Here we may discern even now the beginning of a socialist moment. More than a moment, a period when once again the oppressed masses of humanity will reaffirm their struggle for freedom. Here people are no longer afraid as all we have to lose is our chains.

One of our own heroes the great revolutionary intellectual CLR James once put the choice confronting us in the starkest terms. Socialism or Barbarism. The very survival of humanity demands that in this struggle socialism be victorious. And by socialism we are simply using another word for justice.

Here the great people of Cuba have been and continue to be a shining light. It is a light that today spreads across our continent. That has been pioneering in the present unfolding of new strong ties of solidarity among oppressed peoples and marginalized nations.

It is in this context that we celebrate the struggle and we dare say victory of the Cuban five and demand their immediate release. Here indeed we have a point of focus for our struggle. It is therefore imperative that we do not be complacent and press forward toward the victory that lies ahead.

Let us remember that even as we speak people are fighting and dying in this cause of freedom and self-determination. Let us then join with them. It is now that our own courage must not fail!

Long live the Cuban people! Free the Cuban five! Socialism or death! Until victory always victory!

Patria o muerte.

Burton Sankeralli

Rights Action Group

November 9, 2012