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PAN IN GRANDE RIVIERE by Michael "Bro. Scobie" Joseph

posted 3 Apr 2014, 11:41 by Gerry Kangalee
Pan Trinbago started the new Steelpan year on a high in Grande Riviere on the 29th March 2014.Those who missed it, missed a good Steelpan lime. Pan lovers came from the four corners of Trinidad and Tobago to be a part of Pan In D Country Side in Grande Riviere. 

The councillor and chief man of the area Bro. Terry Rondon was most gracious in his extension of accommodation and hospitality to Pan Trinbago and the many Maxi loads of supporters who invaded the popular turtle watching village, bringing in a crusade of Steelpan music to this rural community. 
The community became alive with activities. Sales in local cuisines and condiments were given
a boost. The local economy got a surge. The people of the community were satisfied, and so to were the visitors. Everyone had a good time and it was incident free, as always with Steelpan events. 

For most of the visitors, it was their first visit to this part of the country, so it was also a learning experience. Pan Trinbago is contributing to and supporting the development of our eco tourism. The many young people in the Steel bands are benefiting tremendously from this Know Your Country Tour embarked on by Pan Trinbago. Outside of the camaraderie, so many other social skills are being developed; it’s nothing short of amazing. 

Where is the government in all of this? The Ministry of National Security, the Ministry of Community Development, the Ministry of Local Government, the Ministry of Youth Development, the Ministry of Multiculturalism, and a host of other Ministries, should be involved in the promotion of Pan Trinbago’s Pan In De Country Side project in the form of financing to guarantee the success of this noble, worthy and enterprising venture.; especially at this time of our development where it seems that our country is being swallowed by a sea of criminal activities. 
I recall as a youth growing up in my community, the police band would visit at certain times and entertain the people and it would create a level of excitement amongst the villagers. Since the heightened crime situation has distracted the police from one of its social responsibilities to the communities, Pan Trinbago saw the opportunity to fill the void and also promote the National Instrument, and at the same time create a sense of unity in the community. 
We look forward to the day soon when the government and corporate Trinidad and Tobago will recognize the sterling contribution that Pan Trinbago is making towards national development and do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. 
In the mean time, we know the place is Tabaquite. Look out for the date and time for the next Pan In De Country Side as promoted and sponsored by Pan Trinbago. The beat goes on. 

Yours In Culture 
Michael L Joseph (Bro. Scobie)
Chairman South/Central Region
Pan Trinbago