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posted 11 Jul 2013, 19:40 by Gerry Kangalee
 The Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union strongly condemns the People's Partnership's recent attack on the media. The OWTU, which has always respected freedom of the press, views this action as a direct attack on the sanctity of press freedom. 
Press Freedom is absolutely necessary for a free and democratic society to function as it is dictatorships that flourish when press is subjugated. This is further evidence of the poor governance that is manifested time and time again under this Peoples’ Partnership Government. This is not the first time political pressure has been exerted in an attempt to control the media and the OWTU condemns out-rightly the actions taken by the Housing Minister to influence the media by threatening to cancel contracts with another sister company. 

The OWTU views this reaction by the government to the Guardian article exposing the Minister of Housing's luxury vehicles as very dangerous and an example of a government that is showing itself more and more to be dictatorial. They will resort to the lowest possible means in order to get their way. Their continuous attacks on the media throughout their term clearly show their disdain and discontent for honest and objective points of view. Such a government is a dangerous government.

The OWTU also stands in solidarity the Guardian media workers as they took a principled stand in defence of Press Freedom. Their stance shows that there are still people who are not prepared to accept a dictatorship in Trinidad and Tobago. The democracy of Trinidad and Tobago must be protected at all cost. Once again we see that another important pillar and institution of democracy is under threat by the People’s Partnership. OWTU has always stood up in defence of our democratic institutions and democratic principles. Today, the OWTU stands with those workers in defence of Press Freedom. 
On Friday 5 July, 2013 the JTUM joined by thousands of concerned citizens staged a massive and powerful March for Justice. We were sending a signal that this government has failed. Today we have seen yet again that the People’s Partnership is proving every day that they are not fit to govern Trinidad and Tobago and worse they are a serious threat to our precious democracy.
Ancel Roget
President General