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OPEN LETTER TO SATNARINE BACHEW by Michael "Brother Scobie" Joseph

posted 25 Mar 2012, 17:18 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 25 Mar 2012, 17:26 ]
Brother Scobie is the President of the Southern Marines Steelband Foundation and former Public Relations Officer of Pan Trinbago.
He is a former member of the General Council of the Oilfields Workers' Trade Union and was detained by the PNM government during the 1971-72 state of emergency for his trade union and revolutionary activities
Pray tell me and other concerned citizens of TnT, Mr. Bachew, what has turned loyal and productive workers, some who are shareholders of TCL into terrorists? Were you aware of the propensity of these workers over the years, but were afraid to tell the population for fear of your own life, while you all were working together on the job site as comrades? Or was it something that you and your management did to create this prevailing atmosphere of instability in this once highly productive work place?
Was it not management terrorism that drove these productive workers outside the gates, or was it some strange malady that affected their minds, so they choose to sit outside the gates under a make shift tent in sun and rain without a salary to take to their families at the end of the week? Something doesn’t add up here.

It is quite strange how none of your labels was attached to these same workers when they were religiously clocking their cards and risking life and limb under duress, in an unhealthy environment to produce so that TCL could rake in exorbitant profits.

Today, when the beast of productivity and profit is asking for a fair share in relation to their output, they are seen as being very unreasonable and labeled terrorist, for their militancy and steadfastness to their cause. But this is not strange, Mr. Bachew, Massa has never yet seen it fit to reward workers on the plantation for their productivity. They have always had to fight and struggle for a little pittance. To this very day, the little rewards are gained after great sacrifice.

Mr. Bachew’s tactics for recruiting and encouraging scab labor is on moral high grounds, but the Union and workers’ methods of hindering the scabs is labeled as terrorism. Well, all is fair in love and war. But to label workers blocking a gate and burning tires to protect their interest is obnoxious and vexatious in the least. Terrorists don’t sit by a gate singing Union songs and trying to block vehicles with their bodies, dissatisfied and disgruntled workers do.

After all is said and done, these are the same workers the company would be depending on to continue producing so they could continue making the kind of profits that they are accustomed making. Are you prepared to work again with these terrorists or must the company get rid of you for the betterment of all?

Stay united and strong workers of TCL, and by extension all struggling workers of Trinidad and Tobago in order to secure a better day for yourself and your children. I wish you were as fortunate as others who had the opportunity to pay themselves.

Dare to struggle, Dare to win
Michael L Joseph
Comrade in Arms