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posted 25 Nov 2011, 19:20 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 25 Nov 2011, 19:22 ]



The National Workers Union (NWU), along with many citizens, views with great scepticism and suspicion the claim by the government that it has thwarted an assassination attempt on the life of the prime minister and other members of cabinet by un-named drug lords.

This bogus plot is the logical follow up to what we were told was a secret crisis that was “averted” in August and that led to the declaration of the SOE

This latest nansi story reeks of political trickery and manipulation and seems designed to maintain a state of uncertainty and trepidation among the population. At worst it is a ploy to justify extending the SOE and as the NWU stated in a previous release it “is intended to accustom people to the sight of uniformed enforcers armed to the teeth willing to trample on citizens’ rights under the pretext of saving us from criminals.”

This latest page comes straight out of Patrick Manning’s playbook. The former Prime Minister more than once claimed that drug lords wanted to kill him. This approach by the PP government suggests that their philosophy of government is no different to that of the PNM and the only change is that a different clique is feeding at the trough of corruption, maladministration and political repression in order to accumulate capital at the expense of the citizens of the country. It is, indeed, PNMism without PNM.

Is it a coincidence that this latest plot was announced just a few days after the trade unions held a meeting in Point Fortin and spoke of intensifying the struggle against the government’s wage suppression policy when the SOE comes to an end?

The National Workers Union warns the people of T&T that they should expect more outlandish fantasies coming from the government as it attempts to serve the interests of its capitalist financiers and desperately tries to prevent working people from claiming what is rightfully theirs.

The NWU warns the government that its political smoke and mirrors will make an already volatile situation more unstable and will result in an intensification of the already raging class struggle.

The working class will not remain quiet for much longer and SOE or no SOE will devise methods to protect and defend their interests against the ongoing assault on their rights and freedoms.


Gerry Kangalee (NWU National Education and Research Officer: 785-7637)

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Gerry Kangalee,
25 Nov 2011, 19:21