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posted 17 May 2011, 14:08 by Gerry Kangalee


The National Workers’ Union (NWU) condemns, unequivocally, the dismissal of more than 200 workers, temporary relief officers at the Trinidad and Tobago Postal Corporation (TTPOST) a state-owned public utility. NWU stands firmly in solidarity with the Postal Workers’ Union in their struggle to have these mainly female workers treated with justice and equity. 

The People’s Partnership government has now resorted to mass dismissals in addition to their wage suppression policy which is all part of international capitalists’ neo-liberal economic strategy designed to force workers to pay for the capitalist crisis they had no part in creating. 

This strategy championed by Minister Dookeran includes privatisation of state enterprises, the downsizing of the public service, union-busting and the removal of all controls on the movement of capital, particularly, foreign capital through the imposition of so-called free trade agreements like the European Partnership Agreement and Caribcan. 

The centrepiece of this strategy is the roll-back of whatever gains the working class has made over the decades to prop up an increasingly decrepit capitalist system that is clearly unable to recover from its fatal crisis and which is plunging the entire society into chaos and upheaval. 

Gerry Kangalee, National Education and Research Office of the National Workers Union states on behalf of the union’s executive: “The National Workers’ Union calls upon the two labour federations in the country, NATUC and FITUN to clearly condemn the firing of the postal workers by the People’s Partnership government and to collaborate with the Postal Workers’ Union in determining a strategy to save jobs at the Post Office. 

The National Workers’ Union, further calls upon Senator David Abdulah, the President of FITUN to raise the issue of the dismissals in the senate as a matter of utmost urgency and to denounce the government policy of decreasing the slice of the economic pie accruing to the working class so that the traditional elites could continue to live high on the hog.” 


For further information contact:

Gerry Kangalee (National Education & Research Officer, NWU): Tel: 785-7637; email: gkangaz@hotmail.com