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posted 3 Dec 2013, 13:36 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 3 Dec 2013, 13:37 ]





The National Trade Union Centre (NATUC) has noted with concern, that the workers who were fired by the management and Board of NP on October 23, 2013, are still on the breadline. 

NATUC views the dismissal of the workers and the non-reinstatement of the workers with deep concern. 
NATUC wants to reassure all the dismissed workers and the Executive of the OWTU, that we are committed to ensuring that the workers and by extension the workers’ families will not continue to suffer the indignity of the unnecessary dismissal, while the legality or illegality of the matter is going through the long and intricate legal process. 
The issue of privitisation, the issue of contract labour, and the outsourcing of permanent jobs, continues to be a major concern of the NATUC. We view the concept of privitisation, the issue of contract labour, and the outsourcing of permanent jobs, as a dagger aimed at the heart of the trade union movement and by extension the working class of Trinidad and Tobago. 
There can be no justification for a state enterprise or government entity to contract and outsource jobs, when the said jobs are permanent in nature. As everyone is aware, a contracted out job places a worker/workers and their families, at a disadvantage. In the real world of work, workers who are on contract cannot access facilities offered by banks and other financial institutions and other benefits that permanent workers are entitled to. 
NATUC is of the view that we cannot build a motivated workforce and society where there is inequity and injustice, if we continue to contract and outsource jobs which inevitably places workers as second class citizen and leaves them at the mercy of unscrupulous employers. 
NATUC is therefore calling on the Government to immediately intervene in this matter to ensure that all the dismissed workers at NP are immediately reinstated. NATUC further believes that the intervention of the Government and the reinstatement of the workers is a tangible and meaningful way for the Government to demonstrate their commitment to the working class in this season of peace and goodwill to all men. 

NATUC also takes this opportunity to call on the Government to revisit the approach of outsourcing and the contracting out of jobs, be it an NP, NEC, NFM, PLIDECO, or any other government entity. Security of decent wages, the right to decent employment and meaningful dialogue with stakeholders, is the hallmark of any developed society. 
We are also calling on all affiliated units of NATUC to show their solidarity and support to the dismissed workers of NP who are presently on the breadline. Let us all ensure that the dismissed workers and their families enjoy a happy Christmas.

Michael Annisette
General Secretary