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posted 22 Apr 2013, 18:02 by Gerry Kangalee

The National Workers Union welcomes the resignation of Jack Warner from the cabinet. The Prime Minister could no longer afford to protect and defend her kingmaker and her party’s chief financier. Any other course would have spelt political suicide. 

The deeper issue, however, is that Warner could have become a cabinet Minister in the first place and more so National Security Minister. 
The hypocrisy expressed in some quarters after the release of the Simmons report is disgusting. Warner, since the nineteen eighties, has been operating under a cloud of allegations of corruption, fraudulent practices and racketeering, long before he became a political operative, yet he became the most powerful political figure in the government. 
The National Workers Union reminds the citizens that Warner is not the first major political figure and will not be the last to be saddled with accusations of sleaze. He is our era’s O’Halloran. He is UNC’s Calder Hart. 

The political system in our dependent capitalist republic is based on crony capitalism which operates through a network of nepotism, political partisanship, a dogfight for the procurement of government contracts which gives rise to bribery, graft, kickbacks and subornation at all levels of the economic and political system. 

Warner didn’t invent the system. Neither did Boysie Prevatt. Political parties enter government with the objective of looting the treasury and utilising public funds for the enrichment of individuals who occupy high position or who have financed the election campaigns of political parties. Jack gone! Jack dey! 
This has been so since Independence and will continue to be so unless there is decisive intervention by the masses to institute a system where politicians are servants (employees, if you will) of the citizens and not their masters. Voting once every five years does not make a democracy. 

People’s participation in governing themselves is a basic requirement of democratising a society, but people’s participation must be fought for through putting pressure on the political and economic overlords and forcing them to widen the space within which working people and the poor can operate. 
The National Workers Union understands that the capitalist system is based on domination and subordination. It is based on exploitation, inequality and discrimination. Capitalism cannot tolerate people’s power and if we are to construct a system which will not tolerate the dealings of the Warners and Calder Harts, the Prevatts and O’Hallorans and the diverse smartmen and hustlers who lurk within the political parties, then we must recognise that capitalism must be dismantled. 

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Gerry Kangalee (National Education and Research Officer – Cell: 785-7637)

Gerry Kangalee,
22 Apr 2013, 18:02