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posted 5 Feb 2015, 05:39 by Gerry Kangalee

Secretary General of the Communication Workers Union (CWU), Joseph Remy issued the following statement on February 3rd 2015

"The old standards have changed and given way to new demands and expectations". So said the Honourable Prime Minister as she addressed the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, who were waiting with bated breath to hear her pronouncements on the latest People’s Partnership fiasco of which she had knowledge of for quite some time.

Once again she flattered to deceive and instead of addressing the issue which give rise to this fiasco she launched an attack on those who were collateral to the matter and used the opportunity to penalize and discard those who dared to speak out on issues of poor governance and challenge the Cabal who is guiding her every move. All that was said by the Prime Minister was a diversion from the real issue of the allegations that the former Attorney General, Anand Ramlogan attempted to pervert the course of Justice.

But we should not be surprised by her defence of Anand, because he was handpicked by her and in her usual modus operandi refused to rein him in despite all the allegations against him over the last four and a half years, So what she told us was that he resigned as the Attorney General and that Gary Griffith resigned as National Security Minister. Only to be told by Gary Griffith that he was fired. Surely she must be aware that the essence of lying is in deception and not words.

The actions of the former Attorney General over the period of this Government’s term in office has been riddled with various questionable incidents such as Section 34, E-mailgate, Prisongate and this most recent alleged attempt to pervert the course of justice, yet he was only asked to resign and made to look like the victim in this issue when in fact he was the perpetrator.

Of further concern to us is the absence of any mention of the issue involving the Speaker of the House, Wade Mark, who from all intents and purposes sought to mislead the House on an issue that involved a senior member of her Government in the person of the Minister of Finance and he attempted to trivialize the issue with a simple apology. Yet, whilst there are no calls by her for his resignation, she has gone on record in this instance to make a call for the resignation of others.

The Prime Minister is also quoted as saying "I will continue to lead this nation with the same resolve to maintain the inviolable principles of good governance. You can rest assured that I have both the courage and personal fortitude to do what is right whenever it is necessary to so do regardless of the consequences".

In that regard, why didn’t she do the right thing by dissolving the Parliament and calling the General Elections now? Instead however, she is determined to steer her sinking ship into the harbor as she has once again changed sailors by reconfiguring her Government to make it appear as if she is in control. However, she once again appeared without vision as she failed to make clear at the time, what were the implications and residual effects of all the changes as a result of her Cabinet reshuffle.

Well Honourable Prime Minister, there are more questions to be answered. The Greek playwright Euripides wrote, "When one with honeyed words but evil mind persuades the mob, great woes befall the state". Citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, for too long we have been too passive with the shenanigans of this Government and their various repeated attempts to gloss over their incompetence.

We must not let the issues of Section 34, Emailgate, Prisongate, LifeSport and the unsolved murder of Dana Seetahal, to be swept under the carpet. Time to do the honourable thing Madame Prime Minister; call the Elections now and hold on to the remnants of your dignity instead of being written into the history books as the first female and worst Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago.

Some words to the wise though is that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results and those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.