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posted 18 Oct 2013, 06:16 by Gerry Kangalee
John Julien, Secretary General of the Communication Workers Union issued the following statement on October 17th 2013:
The Communication Workers’ Union wishes to condemn the disrespectful, anti Labour statements made by the People's Partnership appointed Chairman of National Quarries, Mitra Ramkheiawan who stated "Trade Unions’ are in the group of disgusting human beings in Trinidad and Tobago".
"The 20% are lousy, low grade, low down people who are very unproductive and they are the ones in the Unions." "Unions are always upset. There are four classes of people who wreck this country. There are calypsonians —not Kitchener, Rose and Sparrow. You know the ones I am speaking about. Corrupt politicians before and after Johnny 0'HaIloran. Reckless newspaper reporters who would do anything for front page and trade unions,"

By these utterances he has demonstrated the true colours of those who belong to his class. Further, since these utterances were made, we have not seen any statement from the People's Partnership which has in its fold Calypsonians, former journalists and former and current Trade Unionists, one of whom is now being portrayed by his newly found leader as a hero of the Working Class.

This People's Partnership Government courted the Trade Union Movement to get into Office against the background of making workers the centre of National development. What we have since seen is an abandonment of a manifesto promise to establish a Partnership with the People to build Unity and Prosperity for all. Additionally this People's Partnership Government has so far failed to implement the Worker’s Agenda.

It is a shame that those who championed the cause of Labour whilst they were in the Leadership of their Unions and portrayed themselves as progressive leaders, have suddenly become silent, whilst those we elevated into office operate as owners of the nation and together with their supporters and political appointees continue to disrespect the true owners of the nation, the Working Class Citizens of this Twin Island Republic.

It is in this context that the C.W.U expresses outrage at this disrespectful outburst by the Chairman of a state entity while there is total silence from those who appointed him. What this suggests is that he has ventilated the thoughts of the People’s Partnership Government with regards to the Trade Union Movement and the Working Class Citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

These statements cannot be condoned and we call on all Progressive Trade Unionists and other Worker’s Organizations to publicly condemn the statements made by the Chairman of National Quarries and we further call on the People’s Partnership Government inclusive of the Minister of Labour who led a Progressive Trade Union for most of his working life, to publicly disassociate themselves from these disrespectful statements.

Additionally, we call on the People’s Partnership Government to immediately terminate the appointment of this disrespectful, anti worker, anti Trade Union individual as Chairman of National Quarries, which is now embroiled in allegations of corruption. Failure to so do will allow you to be judged by your association with and support of individuals who are now being accused of misbehavior in public office and have no respect for the contribution of Labour to the development of our Nation.

A word to the wise is sufficient as time is drawing nigh to determine who will be banished to the political cemetery!
Gerry Kangalee,
18 Oct 2013, 06:30