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posted 30 Sept 2012, 09:18 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 30 Sept 2012, 09:27 ]
The Communication Workers’ Union has noted with concern and dismay the recent Political gymnastics and maneuvers taking place within recent times as it relates to the controversial proclamation of Section 34 of the Administration of Justice (Indictable Proceedings Amendment) Bill.

As an independent Progressive Working Class Organisation, the CWU, is “wary of wolves in sheep clothing ". As a Nation we have recently celebrated 50 years as an Independent nation and we are presently celebrating 36 years as a republic. For 36 years out of the 50 years we were under the governance of the PNM as a political party.

In fact the PNM has been in the governance of Trinidad and Tobago for approximately 42 years since its inception. During those years we witnessed backwards and colonial type politics to the extent that the engagement of the Trade Union Movement in the governance structure was nonexistent. In fact the Trade union movement witnessed the most anti worker legislations in relation to the ISA and the IRA being implemented under the governance of the PNM.

To date we are yet to see any attempt by any government to repeal this legislation. What this suggests is that none of the mainstream political parties are willing to meaningfully engage the Trade Union Movement to make the playing field level for the working Class to achieve Social Justice and Equity.

With respect to the People’s Partnership government’s handling of the Section 34 Affair, we are convinced that there are elements within the Partnership that would bold facedly and brazenly stop at nothing to pervert the course of justice.

We have seen an alleged diabolical plot unfolded wherein attempts were made to have not just two (2} key UNC financiers walk free from their alleged commission of white collar crimes, but scores of other wealthy persons with chequered backgrounds also being given the opportunity to escape the clutches of our justice system. This act we are convinced was not the doing of Mr. Volney alone. It is very apparent that the office holder charged with the responsibility to provide legal advice to the Cabinet and the Parliament, the Attorney General, abdicated his responsibility deliberately, and apparently allowed Mr. Volney to be the fall guy.

What was further obscene was the arrogant attempt by the Attorney General and the Minister of National Security to defend what was a deliberate and indefensible act. This was further compounded by the Minister of National Security vitriolic attack on the Office of the President and the Dean of the Holy Trinity Cathedral. These attempts were made by these senior Government officials to shut up and shut down the legitimate voices of protest against this dastardly act by the Government of the early proclamation of Section 34. In the circumstances, the CWU renews its call for the removal from office of these two (2) dishonourable gentlemen, the Attorney General and the Minister of National Security.

The CWU while carefully monitoring the existing political landscape, which has come to life over the infamous Section 34, once again call on the Government to engage in the process of Constitutional Reform which was promised in the People's Partnership’s Manifesto. We cannot allow our country to continue to be governed by Colonial and antiquated legislations which provides the opportunities for maximum leadership, akin to the days of the Governor and corrupt practices by Government Ministers acting as the bandsmen.
It is clear that the mainstream parties, the PNM, UNC and COP are not interested in genuine Constitutional Reform since the old structures satisfies their ideological characteristics and allows them to utilize party financiers to get into office with the obvious intent of pay back for favours done. As such we insist that these calls for Constitutional Reform should be heeded before another General Election is called.

As a Progressive Working Class Organisation, the CWU is also very skeptical of moves by the PNM to befriend and join hands with the Trade Union Movement in this time of national crisis; a crisis which we believe was created collectively by the Parliament. We cannot allow them to pursue and promote their own political agenda, especially when the CWU as an organisation witnessed the threat of decortication under the Governance of the said PNM.

In that regard we are warning our Comrades and the ordinary citizens of Trinidad and Tobago that whilst we are championing the fight for Good Governance, Social Justice and Equity for all and Integrity in Public Office; we must be wary of those “pimps” who use every opportunity to bolster their fading political image.

As a Nation we are in this state today because of the poor governance structures created by our outdated Constitution, which neither the PNM nor the UNC is interested in reforming in order to meet the needs of our evolved cosmopolitan Society, as it facilitates corrupt activities and the “eat a food culture" which has shredded the moral fabric of our Society.

We call on both the Government and the Opposition to use this new Parliamentary term to put the necessary systems in place to ensure that we engage in a consultative and meaningful process of Constitutional Reform before there can be any call for an early election. Anything less would only result in a possible exchange of personnel and no meaningful transformation of the Governance structures of our country.

The CWU will not he part of any movement which supports that thinking. In fact we would support any movement of the people that has as its focus a reform of our Constitution to ensure that proper structures are put in place to bring Good Governance to Trinidad and Tobago and create a society where everyone counts and there is Social Justice, Equity and Prosperity for all.
In the mean time, we remind our Comrades in the Trade Union Movement and the National Community that the struggle continues and that the Price of Freedom is Eternal Struggle and Vigilance.
John Julien
Secretary General