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posted 22 Sept 2014, 08:33 by Gerry Kangalee


The following statement was issued on September 19th 2014 by Secretary General of the Communication Workers Union, Joseph Remy.

The Communication Workers’ Union would like to publicly express its grave concerns with respect to confirmed reports that at a Special Meeting held today, Friday 19th September 2014, the Board of Directors have taken the decision to appoint neophyte, Ronald Walcott as the new Chief Executive Officer of Telecommunication Services of Trinidad and Tobago Limited with immediate effect.

This appointment and the sudden acceptance of the resignation of the Acting Chief Executive Officer, Mr. George Hill, come at a very critical time for the Company. TSTT is in the midst of a battle waged by Cable and Wireless who from all indications are supported by the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago in their quest for a third Mobile License to compete with themselves as 49% Shareholders in TSTT.

The CWU also finds it quite surprising that the front man, who have been pushing and articulating the concept of Organizational Transformation on a weekly basis throughout the Company, has suddenly found himself in a position where he now would have to undergo his own personal transformation. While we hold no brief for Mr. Hill, we are quite concerned with the manner in which this decision was made.

Reports have it that the instructions to accept Mr. Hill’s resignation and to appoint Mr. Walcott came from the People’s Partnership Government. Our investigation has revealed that Mr. Walcott is a member/supporter of the Congress of the People, (COP) the UNC "B" Team in the People’s Partnership Government and his appointment is part of the Partnership‘s plan to entrench their Party Hacks and Cronies in key Senior positions within TSTT just as they are now doing with other State Enterprises. It appears that this is a move to place their party supporters in key positions in various Institutions to carry out their agenda in the event they are voted out of office in 2015.

The Communication Workers‘Union condemns this political manipulation and interference in the operations at TSTT and we demand some explanation from the Minister of Finance and the Prime Minister on this latest development. Mr. Walcott’s track record as the Executive Vice-President of Mobile Operations at TSTT has been nothing but pathetic.

We wish to state publicly that we have nothing personal against Mr. Walcott, but the Union is questioning his competence in the area of modern Telecommunication/Information Communication Technology, Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management, that are necessary for such a critical position in the company at such a crucial period in the organisation’s thrust to regain its competitive advantage over its competitors.

He is just another Puppet installed on the Partnership String that is being pulled by two local members of the Board of Directors who have strong links with the Junior Minister in the Ministry of Works, the Attorney General and the Prime Minister.

The CWU once again calls on those with the responsibility for the operations of TSTT to advise us of the process that was pursued with respect to the appointment of Mr. Walcott to the very important and critical position of Chief Executive Officer of TSTT.

We call on the Line Minister, Mr. Nizam Baksh and the Minister of Finance, Honourable Senator Larry Howai, who has responsibilities for the Financial Operations at TSTT, to immediately launch an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the appointment of Mr. Walcott to the position of Chief Executive Officer of TSTT.

We also take this opportunity to alert the Ministers of the myriad of issues that were left outstanding by Mr. Hill, inclusive of the botched VSP/EERP Program, the 2008-2010 and 2011- 2013 Wage Negotiations, the Medical Plan for the Retirees and the Political appointment of Partnership Party hacks into senior positions at the Company. We also wish to advise them that we are prepared to give them the opportunity to resolve all these outstanding issues amongst others and fix the dysfunctional relationship that exists between the TSTT Management and the CWU.

We wish to remind the Ministers that if they choose to follow in the footsteps of their predecessors, then we are prepared to exercise all our legal and legitimate options, inclusive of protest action to restore some semblance of stability in the company and ensure that we regain our competitive advantage in the Telecommunication/Information Communication Technology Sector.

A word to the wise is sufficient!