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posted 1 Oct 2014, 21:04 by Gerry Kangalee
The Communication Workers Union (CWU) issued the following statement on September 30th 2014 in its newsletter called FORWARD:

Comrades, within recent times we have noticed that the foreign management at Hilton has decided to take on the Communication Workers’ Union and its members at the Hilton. These attacks began subsequent to the settlement of the last negotiations when House Slave Leroy Browne reneged on an agreement to make temporary workers permanent and to put the necessary framework in place to implement a Pension Plan for Hilton Workers. 
We also had the insensitive termination of some sixty odd part-time workers on carnival Tuesday whilst guests and nationals were participating in our carnival celebrations. What followed on from the Union’s attempts to have this matter discussed and resolved was an open display of arrogance, disrespect and utter contempt for the Recognised Majority Union by the House Slave, Bajan National, Leroy Browne. Recently we had the dismissal of two supervisors who are also members and supporters of the Union for spurious allegations and without giving them the opportunity to defend themselves in accordance with the laws of natural justice. 
In addition to this, some of our members were threatened with disciplinary action for allegedly being involved in activities they were not party to. Additionally, one of our General Council members was suspended with pay, pending an investigation into an alleged act of insubordination, when in fact the worker was standing up for his rights after he was disrespected by the now infamous House Slave, Leroy Browne. 
Comrades, these attacks against you, our members cannot go unnoticed. Leroy Browne needs to be reminded that “Slavery Days” are over! This is Trinidad and Tobago! This is the land where “Every Creed and Race, find an Equal Place”. As Nationals of Trinidad and Tobago we are owners of the Hilton as the State has 100% shareholder interest in the hotel. As such we must not sit idly by and allow foreign nationals like Leroy Browne, Yanet Torro and Umesh Meera to attack workers who have given years of committed labour to ensure that the Hotel continues to provide an efficient and professional service to its guests. 
Leroy Browne is pretending to be a “Good Samaritan” but in truth, he is a “Black Stone Stooge” and like a snake he is set to release his poisonous Anti-Worker venom! Workers do not be fooled by their “Ole Talk”! It is all tricks to distract you from the real issues. Their recent actions have signaled their intent to launch an offensive against the Union in order to put fear in the minds of workers so that they could gradually begin to implement their plans which are not in the best interest of workers and in most cases are in violation of the Collective Agreement. 
Comrades, we need to be ever vigilant as we perform our duties, we must report any violations of the Collective Agreement to the Union, we must report any acts of intimidation, victimization, discrimination or unfair distribution of labour.

We must also be prepared to unite as workers and participate and support mobilization activities as we bring to the attention of the national community, the backward Industrial Relations and Management Practices and unsafe working conditions which exists at the Hotel, the disrespect for the Recognised Majority Union, the abuse of and victimization of workers when they stand up for their rights, the refusal to implement a Pension plan for Hilton Workers some of whom have over 30 years’ service with the Hotel and the refusal to make temporary and part time workers permanent after being in the employ of the Hotel in some cases for over 20 years. 
Comrades, it cannot be business as usual, Leroy and his blind followers have declared war against us; so, we have the right to defend ourselves and our property, which is our jobs. Leroy Browne and his foreign associates must not be allowed to disrespect us anymore. They must understand that there can be no Industrial Peace without Justice.