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posted 7 May 2014, 14:59 by Gerry Kangalee
In a statement dated April 30th 2014 and signed by General Secretary, John Julien, the Communication Workers Union (CWU) issued the following:

The Communication Workers' Union is very concerned with the manner in which the People's Partnership Government is treating with an important institution as the Registration, Recognition and Certification Board (RRCB).

We have been informed that the life of the last Board expired on or around 10th January 2014. To date we have also been informed that NO NEW BOARD has been appointed and as such workers' matters which are referred to the Registration, Recognition and Certification Board are not being addressed.

What is however most disappointing is that this Board falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Labour Small and Micro Enterprises Development which is under the Leadership of a former militant Trade Union Leader who has an appreciation of the important role the RRCB plays in the treatment of matters as it relates to Trade Union Recognition and Certification, Determination of a member of a Trade Union in good standing and Determination of a worker within the meaning of the Industrial Relations Act.

As exists presently the Industrial Relations Act places an onerous burden on workers and Trade Unions in attempts to organize Bargaining Units and as such employers use every opportunity to frustrate the process. Additionally the right of individual members or workers where there is no Recognized Majority Union is challenged at every instant.

The Trade Union Movement has been calling for a repeal of the Industrial Relations Act for quite some time now, as the processes of the RRCB as defined in the Industrial Relations Act are so cumbersome and outdated that it has created long delays in the determination of matters before the Board thereby denying workers the opportunity for the timely determination of matters.

We are yet to see the implementation of the Worker's Agenda as promised by the People's Partnership Government and it may never be implemented as their term of office is coming to an end soon.

Whilst we hold no brief for any of the traditional Political Parties we will not hold our breath for any of them to place workers at the centre of National Development far less implement the Workers Agenda.

We are therefore calling on the Honourable Minister of Labour, Small and Micro Enterprise Development to address this untenable situation where matters relating to workers and the Trade Union Movement are not being addressed because of the failure to appoint the RRCB in accordance with the Industrial Relations Act 1972 as amended.

Further, we demand that the Workers Agenda be implemented now so that the Industrial Relations Act could be repealed and replaced with legislation that would make the playing field level for all parties in keeping with our changed and evolved Industrial Relations Landscape. Additionally there is a need to review all other Labour Legislations, such as The Occupational Safety and Health Act, The Workmen's Compensation Act, The Minimum Wages Act and The Retrenchment and Severance Benefits Act.

As presently exists, these pieces of Legislation weigh heavily in favour of the Employer Class and as such there is a need now to level the playing field in the interest of all Classes so that these Labour Legislations could meaningfully serve the purposes for which they were intended. The ball is now in your court Honourable Minister of Labour, Small and Micro Enterprise Development. Let us see how good a team player you are now!