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CHAVEZ IS ALL OF US by Burton Sankeralli

posted 6 Mar 2013, 09:21 by Gerry Kangalee
“Chavez is all of us!” Proclaim the great Bolivarian people who twice broke the yoke. And it is important that we in the Caribbean still under this yoke of oppression respond with a resounding Yes!

When the history is written Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias will be remembered as one of the key architects of the 21st century. He has not only revived the socialist vision of a truly just society free of capitalist exploitation but he has carried it to a new level: this, inclusive of the dreams, hopes and aspirations of all the peoples of “our America” beginning from the indigenous.

Here he has articulated and indeed initiated a new vision of the global order: a vision that is decidedly anti imperialist. In so doing he has challenged the overlords that still hold billions of our planet in bondage.

Of course there are challenging times ahead not only for Venezuela. Some critics may want to say that the Bolivarian project is not sustainable in the face of economic collapse. But the truth of the matter is that the entire global order is facing the prospect of such collapse. And it is the socialist peoples committed to struggle against systems of exploitation and the mobilizing of the earth’s resources for the good of all who will prove most resilient in the hard times ahead.

It is then everyone will realize the critical role played by Chavez on behalf of the whole of humanity. Indeed future generations may come to regard him as the true founder of the new emerging social order. One founded on principles of justice.

Burton Sankeralli.
Trinidad and Tobago Bolivarian Solidarity Movement