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posted 31 Oct 2013, 13:05 by Gerry Kangalee
The Banking Insurance and General Workers Union condemns to the fullest the Hooligan and fascist type dismissal of 68 NP workers as a pre-meditated plot to reduce the workforce and further privatize the operations to contractors who are party loyalists. 
It is common knowledge that based on Section 40 of the IRA the employer cannot bypass the Recognised Majority Union and unilaterally vary the Job Descriptions of the workers. A breach of this section can constitute an Industrial Relations Offence. We are sure that NP is well aware of this. We therefore ask aloud why did NP deliberately by pass the union and instruct these workers to train contract workers and managers which is not part of their Job Descriptions. 
We can only conclude that this employer deliberately intended to provoke the workers to act so that they can get an excuse to commit the industrial massacre that they did on 21st October 2013. This outrageous conspiracy against the workers was hatched by the employer with a view to reducing the workforce, restructure the operations and privatise the functions to contractors of the ruling party. 

Our Union therefore calls on the OWTU to organise a meeting of all trade unions with a view to planning a programme of mass solidarity action and other activities so as to have all the workers reinstated. We further call on all trade unions to take notice of the brutal way in which this Government is proceeding to privatize our state enterprises and put workers and their families on the breadline. Such an attack, if unanswered by a united response from the Trade Union Movement, will serve to encourage this anti worker government and their representatives on state Boards to hasten the unashamed selling out of our state enterprises to Big Business 
In the Service of the Working Class, 

30th October, 2013