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posted 28 Apr 2011, 17:42 by Gerry Kangalee


The Banking, Insurance and General Workers Union (BIGWU) categorically condemns the bulldozing of hundreds of acres of food crops which took place over the last few days in various parts of the country.  BIGWU is flabbergasted that the same politicians who condemned the PNM for this kind of activity now sit in government, but farmers and food production continue to be under attack.

BIGWU holds the Minister of Housing, Roodal Moonilal, totally accountable and responsible for the bulldozing escapade.  Moonilal seems to be more concerned about insulting Trade Unions with his wine to the side statement, than ensuring that his own Ministry does not perpetrate a vicious attitude to farmers.

However, this infamous bulldozing by the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) is symptomatic of a wider malady in governance which characterises State Agencies.  State agencies in Trinidad and Tobago are insensitive to workers, trade unions, farmers and people in general.

This characteristic is the reason why the Medical Professionals Association  of Trinidad and Tobago (MPATT) is being denied a report on the enquiry into the death of a mother during delivery of her baby.  The Minister of Health continues to treat MPATT, which is the legally recognised Trade Union for doctors, with scant courtesy, disrespect and insensitivity.

We support the statement made by Minister Mc Leod condemning the scandalous bulldozing and we support MPATT in its quest to receive a copy of the Medical Report.

In the Service of the Working Class,

Vincent Cabrera