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The National Workers’ Union responded to Elijah Gour’s call for "concrete solidarity with the anti-smelter camp at La Brea by all who were against the smelter".

Gour, one of the leaders of the anti-smelter camp, made a call in an interivew with the Food and Fuel Forum following the June 16th 2009 ruling by Justice Mira Dean-Amorer which quashed the certificate of environmental clearance (CEC) granted by the Environmental Management Authority.

On the evening of Friday 3rd July 2009, members of the executive and supporters of the National Workers’ Union paid a solidarity visit to the La Brea camp and held discussions with those responsible for the upkeep of the camp including Brothers Anslem Carter and Elijah Gour.

Discussions revolved around the major issues involved in the struggle including: relocation; employment; health issues and the economics of the Alutrint smelter plant and also included how the struggle could be intensified and how solidarity with the struggle could be improved.

At the end of the discussions President of the National Workers’ Union, Comrade Frank Sears, made a presentation of $1,000 to Brother Carter who accepted it on behalf of the camp. 

Brother Carter expressed appreciation for the solidarity visit and hope that the relationship between the National Workers’ Union and the anti-smelter activists would be strengthened over time.