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Financial Regulations

You can download a copy of the Financial Regulations of the National Workers Union here.

Financial Reports

  • The Treasurer will ensure that regular financial reports are given to each meeting of the National Executive Committee and General Council.


  • The Treasurer will ensure that a budget is prepared for the work of the Union and that this is presented to the National Executive Committee for approval and recommended to the General Council for ratification.

  • The Union will at all times maintain a balanced budget.

Staff Wages

  • All staff wages will be paid on time with an appropriate pay slip showing gross pay, all additional payments, all deductions and net pay.

Statutory deductions

  • Income Tax, National Insurance, Health Surcharge and any other statutory deductions will be paid on time to ensure that the Union incurs no penalties.


  • Any investments made by the Union will have to be consistent with the Founding Principles of the Union.


  • The Union's accounts will be audited annual by a qualified person appointed by the Registrar of Trade Unions.

  • A copy of the audited accounts will be presented to the General Council and National Conference.

Version 1 – Issued: 30th November 2004

Recommended by the National Executive Committee on: [insert date]

Endorsed by the General Council on: [insert date]

Agreed by the National Conference on: [insert date]

Registered with the Registrar of Trade Unions on: 15th October 2004

Union Registration Number: 501