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National Executive Committee

The Rules of the National Workers Union are very specific in ensuring that there is no 'maximum leader' concept and as a result the Union operates on the basis of a collective leadership. This is reinforced in the Founding Principles of the Union. This is the current National Executive Committee of the Union:


Comrade Frank Sears
Cell: (868) 681-7205
Email: chesster@workersunion.org.tt

Deputy President

Comrade Cecil Paul
Cell: (868) 689-3845
Email: cpaul44@hotmail.com

General Secretary

Comrade Dave Smith
Cell: (868) 683-5305
Email: gensec@workersunion.org.tt


Comrade Sylvestre McLaren
Cell: (868) 775-2682

Assistant General Secretary/Treasurer

Name withheld

National Organisation Officer

Comrade Willock Pierre
Cell: (868) 755-5009

National Education and Research Officer

Comrade Gerry Kangalee
Cell: 785-7637
Email: kangaz@workersunion.org.tt

National Health and Safety Officer

Name withheld

National Equality Officer

Comrade Rae Samuel
Cell: 774-9110


Comrade Alston Francois
Comrade Simeon Humphrey (Cell: 687-6420)


Comrade Clyde Weatherhead

You can write to us at headoffice@workersunion.org.tt