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Feeling exploited ... under paid ... pushed around ... ignored?

Then you must be a worker!

Just think about it. Who decides if you get a job, what pay you get, if you have any vacation, if you get fired. 

It's simple: the employer ... your boss.

This is nothing new. Workers and employers have never been equal. That's why workers have always formed and joined trade unions. 

It's the only way we can get a voice ... get some power with which to fightback and look after OUR interests.

So what are the benefits of joining a Union?

Higher Pay
There's no doubt about it. Wherever workers are organised, pay is higher. This is one of the main reasons why workers join trade unions - and why employers resist!

Better Vacation
Far too many workers get as little as ten days vacation a year - and some get nothing at all. Vacation is a right we say. And we look for a minimum of 15 days a year.

Equal Pay
It is well known that women workers get paid less than men. The reason is that traditional "women's work" is valued less and paid less. We believe in equal pay for work of equal value. Don't ask your employer about this. They are happy with low pay for all workers and even lower pay for women workers.

Pension Rights
Far too few workers have Pensions. This is not a 'perk' but a right! Pensions are deferred wages that workers have to live on when they retire. Fighting for Pensions is an important struggle for workers and their trade unions.

Workplace Safety
The International Labour Organisation (ILO) highlights the depressing fact that worldwide, over 6000 workers are killed at work every day. Workplace safety is essential for all workers. But given a choice between profits and safety what will employers do? It takes a Union to fight for safety at work. And all the evidence is that union organised workplaces are safer.

Job Security
No job, no money. How to buy food, pay the rent, feed the family? Job security is vital for all workers. Far too many employers think that by sending a worker home for a few days every few months stops them getting continuity of employment. Not so! But real job security and can only be won by getting union recognition.

Discrimination and Harassment
Being bullied at work? Being harassed because you're a woman? You have the right to a safe and comfortable working environment. Being harassed is not part of the job. It's not easy, but you can do something about it through your Union.

Join the Union

Having read about the benefits of trade union membership, you now need to join.

You can download the Application Form and Bankers Standing Order Form and return it to the Union at:

43 Fifth Street

And download our flyer on What Is A Trade Union ? too


You have the right to join a Union and be active in your Union 
  • You do not need the employers permission and they cannot stop you
  • But because employers, generally, don't like Unions then you have to be careful
  • Ask us for advice on how to organise your workplace


  • Call NWU Office 223-4697; Cecil Paul 689 3845; Carla Walcott 498 6539; Chris Abraham 393 7222; Alva Allen 791 8340; Vernon De Leon 486 4505; Gerry Kangalee 785 7637; Willock Pierre 755 5009


  • In order to get recognition, it is necessary to get more than 50% of the workers in a workplace to join the Union and to stay members for more than eight weeks
  • The National Workers' Union makes this as easy as possible. Just $20 Entrance Fee and $1 a week - $40 and you're an Associate Member of the Union which is enough for us to start organising
  • Being a member-centred democratic Union we make sure that our members are fully involved in drawing up the proposals for their Collective Agreements and have the final say on what is accepted. After all, it's YOUR Collective Agreement

  Associate member
Full member
(Not in a bargaining unit)
Full member (in a bargaining unit)
Entrance Fee $20 $20 $20
Contribution rate $1 per week $100 per month 1% of basic rate of pay
Can we take up individual matters? [*] Yes Yes Yes
How much will it cost? 10% of settlement.Win nothing,pay nothing 10% of settlement.Win nothing,pay nothing Free - included in membership contribution
Can we take up collective matters? [*]  No - but still come and talk to us No - but still come and talk to us Yes - that's the advantage of getting organised 
How much will it cost? -  -  Included in membership contribution

[*] The Industrial Relations Act sets out what Rights and Interests issue are and also limits what matters Unions can take up.

A Rights issue is one affecting the rights that a worker already has. These rights would be in either the Contract of Employment or the law, such as minimum wages, maternity rights, and the right not to be unfairly dismissed.

An Interest matter is one which would involve negotiating improvements in pay and conditions of employment. The legal position is that only where a union is recognised can this be enforced by law.

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