The Workers International

Arise ye toilers of all nations
Condemned to misery and woe
To hell with humbleness and patience
Give deadly battle to the foe
Wipe out the rule of wealthy classes
Arise and smash your thraldom chains
Let power be wielded by the masses
Let those who labour hold the reins.

Proletarians rally for the final high fight
Internationally all toiling folks unite
Internationally all toiling folks unite

No God, no king, no politician
Can win for us a better day
So let us drop the old tradition
Forge weapons for the coming fray
Roll up your sleeves you working fellows
Put fire beneath the melting pot
Set up the forge and blow the bellows
Lets strike the iron while its hot


This earth with all its bounteous treasures
By right belongs to those who toil
No parasites of wealth or leisure
Shall claim possession of the soil
We hail the mighty tempest raging
A flash of lightening through the gloom
For us the dawn of life presaging
For them that knell the awful doom.


Sung to the same tune of The Internationale but with different words.