On April 27th 1984, then President of the Republic, Ellis Clarke appointed a Commission of Enquiry into the Extent of the Problem of Drug Abuse in Trinidad and Tobago. The Commissioners were Judge Gavin Scott; Medical Specialist Dr. Michael Beaubrun and Police Officer (Head of the Special Branch) Louis Rodriguez. 
The Commission reported to the George Chambers government in 1986. The findings of the Report were so explosive that the government suppressed it. It was a tale of corruption (police and political). The report was given wide publicity outside of the country, but remained as scarce as good gold in T&T. 
The document is a significant marker in assessing the development of organised crime and exposes graphically the venality and criminality that has characterised the security services and the political elites and that is a thousand times worse now than in the 1980’s. The late trade unionist and patriot George Weekes used to say “Corruption have no party card!” 
The report has been published online recently and as a service to the generation post the Drug report, the National Workers Union makes the link available for download, perusal and study here