The passage of the Industrial Stabilisation Act (ISA) in 1965 was a defining moment in the history of the class struggle in Trinidad and Tobago. The ISA was not just a law enacted to regulate "industrial relations", it was the product of a sustained assault on the rights of workers and the power of the then-young and growing trade union movement.

it was the response of the Eric Williams-led neo-colonial regime in the immediate aftermath of the gaining of independence to suppress the legitimate aspirations of the people of T&T for a better life in order to serve the needs of international capital. For the PNM's industrialization by invitation policy to succeed, the trade union movement had to be whipped into line and workers rights had to be severely circumscribed.
The booklet IS SLAVERY AGAIN, written by Michael Als, traces in a well-researched and lively way the factors leading up to the enactment of the ISA and places the process in the context of the class struggle between capital and labour and the role played by the neo-colonial state in that struggle.
Practising trade unionists, researchers and students of industrial relations, working class and political history will find this booklet invaluable. The booklet was published in  
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Gerry Kangalee,
25 Jan 2014, 05:40