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posted 9 Mar 2012, 07:48 by Gerry Kangalee


Do not be deceived by the humility of my attires and the ordinariness of my raiments.

I stand before you disguised as a mortal. And you may pass me a vessel.

But I remain the fearful and dread Midnight Smelta, Shatterer of Worlds and Cosmoses and many other places regions and universes. Terrible despoiler of all environments. And indeed they shall all bow before me… er… er… er… but it is true… I have verifiably fallen upon hard times. And my hearts have been failing me…


All this occurred my dear friends after having crossed swords in mortal combat with …


   She who is…

   The yellow Diva.

   With the million dollar sneaker.

   All hail Queen Evita

   And sing “Don’t cry for me Argentina!


   And how did she arise from South of Central.

   And did crush de old Bassman.

   Verifiably he went FOR CANE

   But he got a good caning.



   You mocking pretender!

   Stand and deliver

   To the yellow Diva

   Of the million dollar sneaker

   All hail Queen Evita

   And sing “Don’t cry for me Argentina!”


   And she has indeed been showing great skills and talents.

   Building her highways to heaven.

   And tunnels to the depths.

   Savaging foodcrops.

   And severing various projections down to five percent.

   All this without going into labour.

   She shows great promise as an environmental plunderer.



   You mocking pretender.

   Hail! Hail! Hail!

   To the yellow Diva

   Of the million dollar sneaker

   All hail Queen Evita

   Singing “Don’t cry for me Argentina!”


   And most verily has she inflicted multitudinous states of emergency.   

   Have you been caught out in any form or manifestation of anti-social or       

   criminal behaviour or caprice?

  Then expect a visit from the local police.

   Do you feel the society is losing the integrity that it once commissioned?

   Fear not, Big Sister… is watching…

   This even as she grows wings of silk

   And flies throughout the worlds.


   Yes, yes, yes, you mocking pretender

   Bow down before the yellow Diva

   Of the million dollar sneaker

   All hail Queen Evita

   And sing… Sing!... “Don’t Cry for me Argentina!”


   But you may want to cry for me.


Once Hazel did come and I did smelta

Once did I most verifiably truly and assiduously urinated my viscous oil and farted my natural gas.

Now to all appearances I am slain and fallen.

But you must always remember –

I am born again!

My regime is unchanged…

 Cyah cyah cyah cyah cyah cyah cyah…

 In fact my very very very dear friends…



   So all hail hail hail!

   Maha yellow Diva

   Mistress of the million dollar gold plated sneaker

   On stage with the hotboy winer

   All hail Queen Evita.

   The great Madonna!


   Don’t cry for me Argentina…

   The truth is I never left you.

   All through my feting days

   My wining existence

   I kept my political promise

   We’ll go the distance.


   And please remember and be aware my dear friends –

   There is no Jack… in her box!


Burton Sankeralli

Rights Action Group

Carnival Friday 2012